$3 Million Raised in Seed Round for HR Software Startup Company HiPeople

By James White Monday, January 25, 2021

Berlin-based startup company HiPeople brought in $3 million from its latest funding round. The human resources (HR) software as a service (SaaS) company drew in investors, including lead-contributor Moonfire Ventures, Capnamic Ventures, and Cherry Ventures. After the latest round of funding, HiPeople’s startup business raised a total of $4.1 million.

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Hiring Made Easy and Efficient

Entrepreneurs Jakob Gillmann and Sebastian Schüller founded the HR tech startup company in 2019, intending to improve and optimize the process of identifying and hiring qualified individuals for businesses small, large, well-established, or starting up.

“Abstractly-speaking HiPeople is in the talent insights business,” Gillmann and Schüller said to TechCrunch. “Its mission is to enable better hiring by automatically collecting and analyzing talent data, and providing rich insights. HiPeople currently solves this by automating candidate reference checks from request, to collection, and analysis. This allows companies to extend the information they have on a candidate without additional manual work.”

Essentially, the startup company’s platform allows hiring managers or other users to define the type of references they would like to see and even the type of questions and response formats used to generate the references. The software also takes care of verifying the relationship between the reference and the candidate. As references are received and compiled, the startup business’s software aggregates the data in an easily-interpreted format and can flag references that stand out from the rest.

“Workflow automation of repetitive processes, and insights on the candidate that go beyond the limitations of the CV, are a clear pain for anybody in recruiting,” top funding round investor Moonfire Ventures said. “The Covid-influenced reality of remote work, hence remote hiring practices, has increased the complexity of finding the right talent. HiPeople created a way to enable anybody who is hiring to make better decisions, whilst improving processes and increasing hiring velocity.”

Workflow automation businesses like HiPeople are doing well in the market. Xref, a competing reference checking automation business, has a market cap of $49.63 million. Furthermore, according to a report by Unleash, “global HR tech investments exceeded $1.648 billion in calendar Q3 2020.”


HR SaaS startup company HiPeople raised $3 million in its most recent seed funding round. The startup’s mission is to automate the tedious task of reference checking in the hiring process for businesses small and large. The funds received in the seed round will be spent growing the company.

“Traditionally, reference checks are underutilized due to the highly manual process, and often only exclusively used for executive hiring,” said the startup. “HiPeople dusts off reference checks, and enables rich talent insights by rethinking how they are done.”

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