Hilco Global Supports the All Stars Project at Critical Time

By Thomas Price Saturday, November 21, 2020

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many programs in place for at-risk young kids have had to be shut down to maintain safety and social distancing, which can be extremely tough. Large scale support and donations can be critical to helping these programs continue to succeed even under the current circumstances. This is what Hilco Global has reinforced through its support of the All Stars Project. Even with the donation, questions still remain about the company, the organization, and how that money will help tangibly.

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Hilco Global and Philanthropy

Hilco Global is a privately owned financial services company that focuses heavily on generating value for assets owned by other companies. The company provides several different services for clients and has worked on five different continents, though it remains based in Northbrook, Illinois. Their recent donation comes from Hilco Helps - an ongoing company program focused on philanthropy, usually for children and education. Hilco Helps has worked with many different Chicago-based organizations such as Cradles to Crayons, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Public Library, Community Colleges of Chicago, Youth Guidance, and of course, the All Stars Project.

Their most recent support of the All Stars Project comes in the form of a $50,000 donation to the organization, though this is not all they have done. Hilco Helps has been supporting the All Stars Project for over five years, both with financial contributions as well as through summer internship programs and employee participation in development workshops. The All Stars Project falls very much in line with Hilco Helps’s philanthropic ideals, working toward creating opportunities for the youth through education and care. So much so that the founder of Hilco Helps, Jeffrey B. Heckmen, went on to say:

“...the All Stars Project needs our help. We felt it imperative that we continue to focus on giving back and supporting the phenomenal work that the All Stars Project is doing in finding new ways of engaging poverty, inequality, and social justice through its Afterschool Development programs and bringing together diverse Americans to help our country to grow.”

The All Stars Project and Where the Money Will Go

The All Stars Project is a nationwide organization that aims to support afterschool development programs that help inner-city kids. The organization is funded through donations and contributions from various different foundations and donors, which help give them the resources necessary to support these programs adequately. The organization recently hit a major roadblock with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the shutdown of all in-person schooling and, therefore, all afterschool programs. As a result, the All Stars Project has to vastly change their entire programs in order to somehow get across the same results virtually, which of course required a lot of different tools. That is where the donations from Hilco Helps and other foundations come into play. With the help of these contributions, the All Stars Project was able to launch a four-week virtual program over the summer for 155 recent graduates of Development School for Youth. This virtual program included events such as national workshops, watercooler conversations, one on one development coaching, and importantly as well, a $440 stipend for all the students involved with it. However, the success of the event does not stop there. In fact, because the program was so well done, it was expanded beyond its initial scope. The plans for a four-week program extended to six weeks, and the initial 155 students shot up to 250 students, along with hundreds of All Stars Project alumni. The virtual program’s scope and success were all made possible through the generous actions of programs such as Hilco Helps, which has continued to offer support for the youth of Chicago and nationwide.

Final Conclusions

Hilco Helps represents a corporate commitment to helping the community in any way that they can. Especially in regard to youth and education, Hilco Helps has been extremely focused in its goal to support these areas, which is precisely what the All Stars Project is all about. The success of their transition to a virtual program that helped hundreds of students is truly incredible, and the $50,000 donated by Hilco Helps gave them the resources to do so.

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