Hightouch Raises Seed Funding for Startup’s Data Sync Product

By Thomas Price Sunday, January 17, 2021

The world is becoming more connected, and many industries have been falling drastically behind. As ecommerce exploded in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies have relied heavily on internal data communication and widespread information in order to ensure efficient deliveries and sales processes. This requires strong internal systems that keep communications between all different portions of the business, which is why San Francisco-based startup Hightouch is creating a product specifically built to help alleviate these data connectivity problems. As a result, the company has garnered solid seed funding and a group of satisfied customers. So, what does Hightouch do, how much funding has the startup received, and what can be expected in the future?

What Is Hightouch?

Hightouch is a startup based in San Francisco that provides software as a service. More specifically, the startup provides different companies with software that helps them sync customer data to the business’s marketing and sales tools. This sync is achieved through the use of SQL; however, Hightouch Connect, the syncing portion of the startup’s business model, offers other services and features as well. Of the many features offered by Hightouch Connect, the highlights are no-code modeling, a single shared view of the customer, optimized data use, and integration on any data warehouse.

On the other side of the startup’s products, Hightouch Activate offers an entirely different set of services for different companies and businesses. Hightouch Activate allows for businesses to build customer segments without the use of SQL. Other highlight features the company offers include intuitive querying, syncing the customer segments to marketing tools, maximization of lookalike audiences, and personalized retargeting of prior customers or visitors. Both of these sides of Hightouch’s business have been proven to be extraordinarily popular as well.

In fact, the startup has garnered a wide variety of major customers, including Retool, Stream, Queenly, AON3D, Abacus, and, according to the startup’s team, higher-profile companies that they cannot currently name publicly. This sort of growth for the company comes as the necessity and value of the data warehouse expands even further. While most companies use the data warehouse just for analytics, Hightouch’s systems allow for significantly more usage, including marketing campaigns, personalized ads, and outreach, which can lead to far more effective advertising as well as a better return on investment. Considering the importance of ecommerce and data in the modern era, Hightouch attracted several investors interested in their product and strong customer list.

Hightouch’s Seed Funding Round and Future Plans

In Hightouch’s Seed funding round, the startup raised a solid $2.1 million. This initial seed funding round was led by Afore Capital and Slack Fund, with participation from a wide variety of unnamed angel investors. While not very substantial, this sort of seed funding will certainly help move Hightouch’s plans for the future in the right direction. While not specific, it can certainly be expected that these plans involve improving upon the software already developed, expanding their client base, and possibly building up the current work staff.

Hightouch is a dynamic software startup that has built a service that optimizes the all-important data that many companies already have. Especially as data is becoming the most valuable tool that many companies have toward building a stronger client base, Hightouch’s approach allows for its value to skyrocket past current capabilities. 2020 proved the incredible power of utilizing data correctly to build digital customer bases. Considering both the client list and seed funding, Hightouch looks to be at the forefront of it in 2021.

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