Herbal Essences, The Nature Conservancy, and TerraCycle Team up to ‘Renew the Forest’

By McKenzie Carpenter Monday, March 22, 2021

Deforestation, forest fires, and pollution are all contributors to the decline of forests around the world. Companies are starting to take note by creating programs that are about sustaining the environment instead of destroying it. Herbal Essences, the hair care company, announced today a partnership with The Nature Conservancy and TerraCycle to “renew the forest” in hopes of restoring the decaying forest environments.

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About Each Business

Herbal Essences is a cruelty-free hair care business that uses ingredients from real plants identified by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The business is owned by multinational consumer goods parent company, Procter & Gamble. P&G is worth approximately $318.03 billion.

The Nature Conservancy is a global environmental nonprofit company that has impacted land and water conservation efforts in 72 countries and territories around the world. According to the nonprofit business, The Nature Conservancy has been able to protect more than 125 million acres of land and operates more than 100 marine conservation projects.

TerraCycle is a private American recycling company that encourages people to recycle everything. The business offers different recycling programs to educate and help people recycle materials such as industrial waste, plastic, paper, and more. Additionally, TerraCycle has a program called Loop that allows consumers to buy their favorite products and refill those same containers the product originally came in. As a result of TerraCycle’s recycling efforts, more than 202 million people in 21 countries have recycled enough waste for more than $44 million donated to charities around the world.

Today it was announced Herbal Essences, The Nature Conservancy, and TerraCycle would all be teaming up through a new forest sustainability program, Renew the Forest.

Renew the Forest

In April, through the Renew the Forest program by Herbal Essences, in partnership with the Plant a Billion Trees initiative from The Nature Conservancy, the hair care company will plant one tree for every purchase of two select “bio:renew” shampoo and/or conditioner from Walmart or Walmart.com.

Rachel Zipperian, senior scientist at the hair care company, said, “Herbal Essences has always been a brand with a deep love and connection to nature...The mission of this program is consistent with our standing commitment to partner with organizations that are taking action to help protect plants and regenerate natural ecosystems.”

As a result, the conservation company and the hair care business hope to plant between roughly 34,400 and 58,000 trees. Additionally, Herbal Essences will donate 20 benches made by TerraCycle from recycled hair care packaging to three different nature preserves operated by the conservation business.

Jan Glendening, regional managing director for North America for The Nature Conservancy, said, “Forests are essential to healthy lives and a healthy planet. They cleanse our air, purify our water, cool our planet, and provide shade and shelter, meaning their protection and restoration is one of the key solutions to tackling climate change and conserving biodiversity in nature...We are thrilled to partner with Herbal Essences and TerraCycle around this program and work together to create a world where people and nature can thrive.”

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