Grin Raises $14 Million to Enhance Its Teledentistry Platform

By McKenzie Carpenter Thursday, April 29, 2021

Grin, a digital orthodontics startup company, announced the business raised $14 million to grow its teledentistry app platform.

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About Grin

Founded in 2019, Grin is a teledentistry startup company that offers comprehensive digital orthodontic solutions through its app by connecting patients with trusted local orthodontists for a more affordable healthcare experience. With the assistance of the business, office visits can also be reduced, cutting down on the overall cost.

The startup company provides solutions for a variety of teeth-straightening needs such as clear aligners, braces, and even more complex cases that vary from person to person. In addition, the teledentistry business offers high-quality self-scans for patients to use during video consultations.

In an interview, CEO of the teledentistry app, Adam Schulhof, D.M.D., stated he started the business because patients were not receiving the results they wanted from wearing orthodontic aligners, and he wanted to provide more convenient healthcare.

The orthodontists that are partnered with Grin oversee all treatment steps for a patient through the app and remote-monitoring tools. Furthermore, the startup uses the Grin Scope, which is patent-pending. The Grin Scope is a medical device that is designed to retract a patient’s cheeks to allow full view of their mouth.

The goal of the business is to increase orthodontics affordability, providing quality healthcare, and attempting to combat do-it-yourself (DIY) medicine as it can increase risk factors due to people treating themselves without professional advice.

Grin has received the HIPAA seal of compliance, making the startup company HIPAA certified.

New Financing

The startup company announced in a statement that the business raised $14 million in a seed extension round. Of that new capital, $10 million came from Triventures, Procter & Gamble Oral Care, and SpringRock Ventures. The remaining $4 million was raised from independent orthodontists.

Schulhof added in a statement, “We understand the need for seamless dental solutions that focus on great customer experiences and local doctor expertise. Our investors live this first hand, and together, we are well on our way to changing orthodontics and dentistry.”

According to the startup company, the new financing help will be used for R&D to help Grin expand its app capabilities and features, increase geographic reach, and help orthodontists with more complex teeth-straightening cases as well as further investment into the Grin Scope.

Grin also added that the teledentistry app is currently deployed to hundreds of orthodontic practices and used by thousands of patients; however, specific figures were not disclosed.

Orthodontics Industry

It was reported the United States (US) orthodontics market is projected to reach $4.21 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 13.1% between 2020 and 2027. While much of this extremely lucrative industry is dominated by independent orthodontists at traditional offices, other online companies have made their way into the market in recent years.

While Grin is still in its promising early stages, the startup company is competing against other players in the industry like LightForce Orthodontics, a company that provides innovative orthodontics tools to doctors; OrthoFX, a company that specializes in clear aligners; and SmileDirectClub, which is arguably one of the largest players in the space.

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