Greenbriar Equity Group Closes $1.68 Billion Fund V as Company Looks to Continue 20-Year Strategy

By Thomas Price Thursday, March 25, 2021

As more companies are looking to expand their future business prospects, the need for outside investment and capital continues to be a major roadblock. As a result, investment funds and companies who actively work to support others are always in high demand. Greenbriar Equity Group is an investment group, or VC firm, that recently closed on its fifth fund. The capital raised will help companies in several different markets that have significant potential to grow.

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Greenbriar Equity Group’s Fund V

Greenbriar Equity Group recently closed on its most recent investment fund, aptly titled Fund V, worth an impressive $1.68 billion. The company saw significant support for Fund V with a major group of both old and new investors adding capital across multiple regions, including the United States (US), Europe, and Asia. Greenbriar Equity Group had initially set the goal for Fund V to only $1 billion, but the enthusiasm across the business world pushed the fund to where it currently stands.

The investing company garnered such support due to its long-standing success within the industry across multiple markets. As it currently stands, Greenbriar Equity Group has managed more than $6 billion in investments over the course of five different funds over the last 20 years.

The success of these prior funds largely comes from the grounded approach to investing that the equity firm takes. When identifying companies to invest in, Greenbriar Equity Group looks for places with a major business potential to grow and expand revenues, a leading position in the market of operations, and a high-quality management team, among other factors.

The company usually invests in businesses that offer services such as logistics and distribution, or in manufacturing companies within aerospace, defense, and transportation markets.

In terms of once the business has been deemed worthy of investment, the equity group will invest between $75 million and $150 million of equity, though Greenbriar is willing to adjust to lower or higher numbers depending on the specific case. The amount Greenbriar invests will usually be enough to become the majority stakeholder over the company while maintaining the existing management team.

Positive Investment Industry Signs

The oversubscribed Fund V from Greenbriar Equity Group is a promising sign for the global private equity market, which saw several struggles in 2020 associated with the economic stall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Global equity firms saw global private capital fundraising drop to 2018 levels, nearly $100 billion less than 2019. While this still remained high in comparison to many other years, the drop signified a retraction of enthusiasm in economic growth. The oversubscription of Fund V is a promising start to the year.

When commenting on Fund V and the success of Greenbriar’s latest work, managing partner at the equity firm, Noah Roy, said, “We are grateful for the support we have received from so many well-regarded institutional investors. It is a recognition of our team's long-term success together, our distinct culture and our consistent and focused strategy. Fund V will continue with the same strategy and approach that has driven our success to date, a focus on growing market leading companies in sectors and situations where we can accelerate growth and add tangible value as we seek to deliver strong returns for our investors.”

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