Green Industry Suggestions for Startups in 2020

By Mariliana Fotopoulou Friday, June 19, 2020

The green industry is today’s new trend. Here is what entrepreneurs should know:

Green entrepreneurship, environmentally friendly, and green ventures are a few of the terms that describe the revolutionized green industry that is becoming more and more popular and is being followed by many businesses today.

As recent Small Business Economics research indicates, the green industry is fast-growing and benefits both the economy and the environment. In 2020, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are changing the way of thinking for many businesses and advancing the green business model.

According to research from The Principles of Green and Sustainability Science, green entrepreneurship will help reduce water, energy, and raw material waste, while making for a more sustainable and responsible world. Green venture initiatives are today’s boom, promoting an eco-friendly reality.

Solar panels in a city.

Why Should Startups Be Environmentally Friendly?

Some people believe that being green and doing business sustainably is an expensive venture and that customers don’t care about green products. This belief might be a mistake that many entrepreneurs make at the beginning of their startup planning. Today more than ever, green businesses and eco-friendly products and services are highly preferred by consumers.

Climate change and global warming are prominent issues that many people are fighting for via, for instance, demonstrations or boycotts against companies that don’t follow sustainability regulations and produce a lot of waste.

Green and eco-friendly business can be profitable and thrive with green product initiatives. Green startups that are environmentally focused gain credibility, achieve a decent market share, and constitute a perfect social and ethical example for future businesses.

Launch Your Green and Eco-Friendly Business

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur that wants to make a difference, explore the most profitable and innovative green business ideas for 2020.

1. Green Content Writing

Publishing environmental content is a new trend, and many magazine owners are looking for content writers who love to expose the truth about the environment and provide eco-friendly articles. If you like writing and blogging, you can either start your blogging website or write for other online platforms.

2. Solar Panel Construction

Sustainable constructions are highly preferred by consumers who want to contribute to energy waste reduction and save money on electricity. You could launch a startup selling solar panels and energy-friendly materials for housing. You could also work in infrastructure projects and create your construction team for the installation of solar panels. This idea is a thriving and profitable business worldwide.

3. Ebook Platform and Mobile Applications

This business idea is a considerable low-cost investment that helps reduce paper waste by encouraging people to read online instead of buying hard copies. An ebook website that sells or rents books of different categories, such as literature, scientific, educational, kids book, or cooking books, would be a profitable business.

4. Recycling Collection

Poor recycling infrastructures by local and national authorities don’t encourage individuals to start recycling. A startup business providing pick-up services for recycling materials would be a helpful and low-cost innovative idea.

5. Organic Food

Organic food restaurants, trucks, or organic catering is a good idea for organic foodie lovers and not only. Encourage people to start eating organic food and choose a healthier lifestyle. Organic food allows people to consume free-range products and is good for the environment.

6. Green Consulting Business

This consulting method is a profitable business but requires knowledge and expertise to provide green solutions for small businesses and large companies. Today there are several issues, like reducing the carbon footprint, that a sustainability consultant could help with and encourage businesses to go green and follow sustainable practices.

7. Ink Refill Business

This business always a good startup idea. Today’s organizations and companies are still printing daily. Refilling ink cartridges instead of buying new ones helps reduce non-biodegradable waste and positively contribute to the environment.

8. Handmade Upcycled Furniture

Instead of throwing old furniture or recycling materials, use them to create unique pieces for all tastes. Upcycling furniture saves customers money and is an easy way for people to help the environment.

Final Thoughts: the Green-Tech Industry

Today’s emergence of sustainable growth generates the necessity for the creation of more green and eco-friendly businesses. Green-tech is a new sustainable, innovative sector that offers a whole new perspective on the tech industry and business development.

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