GoSun Secures Over $130,000 for Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker and Travel Cup

By Thomas Price | Thursday, 19 August 2021 | Startup, Sustainability & Environment

For campers, travelers, and others, on the go coffee can be more difficult to find than one may think. GoSun is a green energy startup that has designed the first-ever solar-powered coffee maker that doubles as a travel cup. The company has recently completed a crowdfunding campaign to launch and manufacture the product on a wide scale.

Collage of Go Sun products in use.

What GoSun Does and Innovation in Its Latest Project

Energy and consumer product startup GoSun has created several different solar-powered devices, including ovens, water filters, coolers, and chargers. The company has built its business largely based on sustainable alternatives to many items powered by electricity or gas. By harnessing solar power, the energy startup has been able to make fully portable options for cooking, storing perishables, and cleaning water.

The newest product for the business is the GoSun Brew, which is a portable coffee maker and travel cup that is powered through solar energy. The coffee maker plugs directly into a GoSun power bank, boils the water directly inside the travel cup, the user adds the coffee grounds, and then presses down on the built-in french press. 

The full device offered by the business includes a carrying case that has a GoSun solar panel, a GoSun power bank, and the GoSun Brew for easy portability. Every device that GoSun offers only requires the sun to operate. 

The energy startup now offers an entire kitchen of products that solely relies on solar energy to power them, making outdoor travel or even off-grid living entirely environmentally sustainable. Another major advantage the company offers, especially for camping, is to completely eliminate the need to ever use fire for cooking, which can prevent serious issues for forests during dry seasons. 

The sustainability and convenience of the latest product created by the business have led to significant online support for the GoSun Brew.

GoSun Crowdfunding and Next Steps

In its latest crowdfunding campaign, GoSun raised $137,740 in direct support. The crowdfunding campaign had 588 individual backers split between Kickstarter and Indiegogo. 

The newest funding has allowed the solar energy startup to create the final design for the product, create molds and tools for mass production, begin quality inspection testing and manufacturing of the product. Once enough GoSun Brews are assembled, the company plans to distribute them to its backers and then scale up its business even further by selling to the general public. 

The startup has previously run nine different crowdfunding campaigns in the past with its flagship solar energy ovens and solar energy coolers, which began their lifespans as crowdfunded concepts. While the company has experienced delays in its timeline for this campaign, it still expects the GoSun Brew to ship by September and to ramp up business by the holidays. 

In the latest update from the company regarding the status of the product, GoSun wrote, “When all is done, you'll have an amazing new way to make a couple cups of coffee while out and about. The Brew is built with quality and care, so it will satisfy for many, many fresh cups,” later adding, “This is GoSun's 9th unique product launched via crowdfunding, please know that you are in good hands.  GoSun has always delivered.

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