Gorgias Revolutionizes Customer Support and Has the Funding to Prove It

By Thomas Price Sunday, January 3, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic moving through the nation now deep into the holiday season, ecommerce has become by far one of the most important industries to keep the world moving. As a result, the increase in consumer demand has created a major need for more optimized and responsive customer support. Startup Gorgias is set to help alleviate this demand significantly through the use of their help desk, specifically designed for ecommerce merchants. By the looks of the startup’s Series B funding round, it appears that this help desk is making major waves for the ecommerce industry. So, how does Gorgias work, what kind of funding has the startup received, and what can be expected from the company in the near future?

What Is Gorgias?

Gorgias is a startup that has created a help desk for ecommerce merchants to integrate into their own platforms. More specifically, Gorgias provides a variety of different features for these merchants through three major offerings: enhancing support, making support faster, and automating certain portions of support.

Each of these different aspects is achieved through different methods. To enhance support, Gorgias centralizes all support tickets into one location to make it easier for customer support to move through them. For making support faster, Gorgias displays all customer data while in contact with them, as well as making it possible to edit orders, modify subscriptions, and refund payments, all without leaving the help desk. Finally, for the goal of automating support, Gorgias has created a system to auto-reply to specific types of tickets while also closing these tickets to streamline support and allow the actual customer support staff to work on more difficult tickets.

Gorgias can also help ecommerce merchants increase sales by giving shoppers personalized experiences to match the products they are buying as well as by engaging customers on social media with promo codes and other discounts on posts featuring certain products. This engagement has resulted in a sales bump equivalent to a 5% increase in advertising spending.

These services have proven to be rather effective, considering the growth and results of the usage of Gorgias’ help desk. What may be more telling than simply the features and numbers, however, would be the amount of and profile level of the ecommerce merchants that are clients. Gorgias supports more than 4,500 different ecommerce merchants, including major names such as Steve Madden, Timbuk2, Fjällräven, Marine Layer, Electrolux, and Sergio Tacchini. In addition to this already impressive feat, Gorgias has seen its revenue explode by 200% in 2020 alone. As a result of this, many investors have put significant money into the startup’s future success.

Gorgias’ Funding and Future Plans

In Gorgias’ Series B funding round, the startup raised a very strong $25 million. The funding round was led by Sapphire Ventures with participation from SaaStr, Alven, Amplify Partners, CRV, and Greycroft. With the addition of the $25 million, Gorgias has now raised a solid $40 million in total funding.

Gorgias plans to use this funding for serious growth. Instead of expanding clientele as the main focus, the plan after this funding round is to build a larger team of employees. This has already been the path Gorgias has been taking with the startup expanding the workforce from 30 to 100 in 2020 alone.

The additional funding should help Gorgias build specifically the engineering workforce to help further develop the automated response section of the startup’s features. This expansion of Gorgias’s workforce looks to develop the product even more for the thousands of ecommerce merchants already enlisting the startup for their services and the potential thousands more that could use it in the future.

Final Conclusions

Gorgias has built the #1 customer support help desk for ecommerce merchants on the market. Especially with the massive rise of the industry in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for efficient and effective customer support has grown with it. With the added $25 million in funding from the startup’s Series B round Gorgias will build a strong engineering workforce that will certainly lead to a better product. With all of these factors in play, Gorgias looks primed to see further growth in the future as the company continues to build its foundation and client base.

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