Google Partners With Skipify to Create Shopping Through Gmail

By Thomas Price Friday, October 30, 2020

As ecommerce continues to dominate the retail sales market, brands and companies have been trying to find new ways to maximize their marketing and create the highest possible engagement on the advertising and strategies they employ. This is what Google is doing through its new partnership with Skipify. Combining the two will create an entirely new platform to shop directly on with millions of already established users. By adding shopping capabilities to Gmail, the possibilities for revenue and heightened engagement with brands are nearly limitless. So, what is Skipify, what do they offer, and how can this partnership boost digital sales?

Skipify and Their Business Model

Skipify is a simple business that fills a very specific but possibly extremely lucrative niche in the digital commerce market — emails. At its core, Skipify works with both major email platforms and businesses in order to allow in-email shopping for the consumer, maximizing the investment in email marketing nearly all brands currently put money into. As it stands, on the email platform side, Skipify has already partnered with Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, and, most recently, Gmail. With all of these bases already covered, Skipify’s service is virtually available for nearly all emails. What this means is that brands that choose to partner with Skipify will have the advantage of sending direct emails to sell products where recipients will be able to automatically shop through sent messages without having to visit the vendors’ website—turning email recipients into potential immediate customers.

On the consumer end, Skipify has created as seamless a process as possible to ensure maximum engagement and sales. Once the user has created a Skipify account and added payment information, they can purchase items directly from the email without any real snag or waste in time. What this translates to for brands is a possible major boost in sales in an already spiked ecommerce market, which is currently seeing revenue up to 5 times larger than before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business and Sales Growth Potential for Brands

Without question, email marketing is already one of the most important tools a brand has to reach and engage with the consumer. In fact, email marketing is already the section of marketing with the highest return on investment. Without the utilization of Skipify, it takes on average about two minutes for a shopper to get from the email to finalize the purchase. Within those two minutes, nearly 70% of those shoppers give up on the purchase and move on to other things in their life. Skipify streamlining this process can lead to a 30% increase in revenues coming directly from emails. On top of this, the use of Skipify can lower unsubscribe rates as well, up to 50% as a matter of fact. When combining the already major return on investment of email marketing with streamlining the purchasing process and the massively growing ecommerce market, revenues for brands who partner with Skipify can see major upticks. The partnership with Google and therefore integrating shopping directly into Gmail expands the scope and breadth of Skipify’s range and, therefore, the range of every single brand that chooses to partner with Skipify.

Final Conclusions

Ecommerce continues to grow to unprecedented heights during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to most studies, that trend is going to continue even after the majority of physical stores and in-person shopping returns. With ecommerce moving in this trend, gaining access to consumers as directly as possible is by far the most important thing a retail business can do. This has been proven time and time again to be the core of email marketing. The last step in converting the high levels of engagement email marketing receives is integrating purchasing power directly into the email, and Skipify accomplishes that final step. In doing so with nearly every major email platform, now including Gmail, businesses, and brands who choose to partner with Skipify could gain access to millions of purchases that would have otherwise not occurred. Skipify and Google partnering is a major step to full-scale in-email purchasing abilities for consumers, which will lead to higher digital sales and further expand the ecommerce market.

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