Goama Changing Mobile Gaming Through Social Gaming Development

By Thomas Price Sunday, January 24, 2021

Since its inception, the rise of mobile gaming has been absolutely meteoric, becoming the most popular way for people to play video games in a matter of a few short years. As a result, many different companies and startups have been incorporating many different ways to increase engagement and popularity in mobile gaming through social media. Singapore-based startup Goama is working to help companies integrate social games into their existing apps. The startup company has recently released new features to make its platform even more accessible than it already is.

Goama’s Platform and Future Plans

Goama is a startup based in Singapore that has created a social gaming platform that builds on creating more engagement with users. Goama was founded by current CEO Taro Araya and chief product officer Wayne Kennedy. In terms of usage, Goama’s platform has been mainly used in two different ways. The first is by utilizing Goama’s platform for promotional campaigns, while others rely specifically on the platform to add a gaming function to their own app. As it currently stands, Goama’s platform is proving to be incredibly popular already.

The startup’s platform releases new games every week and has attracted a lot of popularity because of this. In fact, Goama has over 1 million different unique users, over 21 million game plays monthly, and perhaps most importantly, over 15 different partners across 18 different countries. The different partners have names such as GCash and Rappi with other companies that use the app, including FoodPanda, Snickers, and WavePay.

The main goal for Goama right now is integrating their platform with a series of so-called “super apps,” or apps that have a variety of different features and services combined in one place. Goama has recently introduced a new feature in order to better accommodate these super apps. The startup’s new feature is the addition of tournament mode which will also be available alongside the traditional subscription-based business model currently utilized for users.

While the company has raised funding in the past, the amount has not been disclosed to the public. Despite no major funding rounds being announced, Goama has big plans for future growth and expansion. The startup plans to focus significant effort on expanding heavily throughout the Asia and Latin America regions.

Final Conclusions

Goama is a startup that is creating a significant buzz amongst many different users and companies alike. The company’s social gaming platform is a major tool to boost engagement and diversify tools for a variety of apps. With new games coming out every week, new features being added, and dozens of partners from all over the world, the company is building momentum for business success in the near future as it taps into the popularity of social media and mobile gaming.

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