Social Media App Startup Company Go Seeks Series A After Successful Seed Round

By James White Sunday, May 9, 2021

There is a social media app for everyone. Instagram and Snapchat cater to those who enjoy taking photos and capturing the moment, while other social media platforms in the industry, like Facebook and Twitter, offer ways to gather news and updates from friends and relatives. However, all of these platforms encourage users to spend more time on their phones. Startup company Go wants its app to bring people together to experience things outside of the screen. The social media startup business is seeking investor support for Series A funding in the wake of a successful seed financing round for its app company.

“After launching in Auckland in February, we have seen exceptional 10 per cent growth week-on-week,” said Sean Conrad, co-founder of the social app startup. “We intended for Auckland to be a test market, and instead experienced exponential growth, excellent user engagement, and launched preferences and event recommendations at just the right time for our users.”

The $6.7 million seed funding round for Go and its social media app was led by CAV Angels. Furthermore, “strategic individuals in banking, finance, medicine, and life science research” also showed support for the social media company. The seed capital helped Go launch its app in Auckland, New Zealand, and Sydney, Australia, earlier this year. Go is now launching a Series A round for its business in an effort to bring its app to new markets in the US.

Go personalized feed (Photo: Business Wire).

A People-First Social Media App

Co-founded by Conrad and entrepreneur Jesse Berns, Go takes a new approach to the social media business model. The founders aim to promote social connections, but not by isolating users and encouraging them to spend more time on their phones.

For individual users, the platform built by the startup company functions as a planner. Users can let friends and other users know when they are free and what they plan on doing. Go asks about your interests and generates a customized feed full of suggestions and local venues to check out. Users can simply jump in on plans as well as add their own comments and pictures from the experience.

A business like Facebook typically is monetized through ad revenue, so increased screen time is often promoted. The startup company promotes group gatherings and connections at brick-and-mortar events supported by local businesses, so it targets revenue from software-as-a-service (SaaS) plans that let companies promote events on the platform.

Breaking Into a Massive Market

“After being stuck inside due to the pandemic for over a year, people have a strong desire for real-life social experiences,” Conrad said. “We have been able to help shape the wave of re-socialization New Zealand, and expect it to be even more pronounced in countries such as the United States where Covid-19 has been less contained.”

The startup business will have plenty of competitors fighting with its company for space in the social media industry. However, Go’s unique business model and mission to bolster local economies and reduce social isolation may set itself apart enough to draw crucial investor support in its Series A.

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