Gerber and Alvanon Build Tech for Fashion Ecommerce

By Thomas Price Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The longer the world has to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the more important it has become to optimize sales and shopping online. Especially for industries such as clothing, where physical in-person locations is a more vital portion of the consumer experience, creating an online store as accessible as in-person shopping has been difficult. Gerber Technology and the Alvanon Body Platform, however, aim to fill the gap between online and in-person apparel shopping. Through their new collaboration, both companies aim to create as seamless and personal an online experience as possible for clothing shoppers while they are unable or unwilling to visit in-person stores. So, what are the two companies doing to accomplish this, and can we expect to see their technology in use anytime soon?

Gerber and Alvanon

Gerber Technology is a software and automation solutions company that deals specifically with the apparel industries in order to help the companies create an improved process for manufacturing and designing products. They currently have customers and clients in 134 different countries and are expanding rapidly under the ownership of a firm with over $3 billion in assets. Along with their recent collaboration with Alvanon, Gerber Technology also has plans to debut many other new ideas and programs, including the Atria Digital cutting solution. The solution works as a way to integrate and streamline the cutting process by connecting all portions of production using new technology so that the product designs and crafting are consistent down to the cutting room floor. The promised results would equal up to 50% higher throughput, a reduction of consumable usage of 30%, and a 5% growth of material yield. Gerber is constantly trying to push the edge of fashion capabilities, and their collaboration with Alvanon is a product of such efforts.

Alvanon Body Platform boasts over 6,000 different 3D virtual bodies in order to accommodate as many different clothing brands and specific fits as possible. Alvanon also offers standard and specific avatars that will work for average clothing and those tailored to brands. These avatars and virtual bodies represent a key step for fashion and clothing companies that need to give consumers the best tools possible to mimic the in-person shopping experience. The technology is already used by over 200 different fashion brands and designers, with the biggest names being Lululemon, Under Armour, and The North Face. Alvanon and Gerber Technology’s partnership represents a collective and holistic look at creating accessible and efficient ideas that can help consumers with their shopping and boost the brands who use their technology’s sales and revenues, especially as ecommerce continues to grow.

What the Collaboration Entails

Gerber Technology and Alvanon’s collaboration has been mainly focused on building up their current 2D to 3D fit solution technology. This will essentially create programs that will allow for different retail and fashion companies to accurately show how outfits and clothing items will look on the customer. Their breakthroughs will make sure to account for the specific sizes and body shapes as well. This has been made possible by using the Alvanon Body Platform as well as Gerber’s Accumark 3D software in order to create accurate 3D models of the clothing for consumers. Accumark 3D creates a full simulation and 360-degree look at clothing, which can change fabrics, color options, and integrated imagery. When combined with the Alvanon Body Platform, this will give a fully-fledged image of both the clothing and how it will fit the consumer’s body. The integrated technology between both sides will be presented and debuted at ideation 2020. The end product will be a complete replacement for physical fittings, with how effective their digital option is.

Final Conclusions

Shopping for clothing is perhaps one of the hardest experiences to replicate when searching online as opposed to in person. Without knowing how something actually fits, it is near impossible to purchase an item with full confidence in it. This is why Gerber and Alvanon’s work together could be such a breakthrough for the many fashion and clothing websites looking to maintain solid sales while in-person locations remain closed or extremely restricted. Once the results of their collaborative technology are released, it could very well be integrated into nearly every major clothing website sooner rather than later.

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