Genflow Raises Strong Capital for Influencer Social Media Branding Startup

By Thomas Price Friday, January 29, 2021

As social media continues to grow and become a larger part of modern society, many people and companies have been using it to grow their own brands and translate engagement into revenue. Social media influencers can work with their own products or the products from a particular business in order to earn money; those brands receive specific marketing and advertising in exchange. One of the hurdles for influencers, however, is building their own personal brand and growing an audience. Genflow is a startup created to help with this exact issue. Considering the startup’s recent infusion of funding, what can we expect from the business moving forward?

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Genflow’s Platform and Services

Genflow is a startup company that has developed a platform specifically dedicated to helping influencers build their own personal brands and businesses through social media. More specifically, the company helps influencers create a large audience for their own products and services as opposed to the companies that have been sponsoring certain posts from these same influencers. The startup’s platform offers expertise and business analytics that helps influencers create membership clubs, digital products, mobile apps, direct to consumer products and brands, and, of course, marketing, social media management, and engaging content.

The startup’s platform is already proving to be extremely successful for the business. In fact, since its launch of services, Genflow has been a part of creating over $100 million worth of brand value for its clients. Beyond brand value, the startup has seen conversion rates between 5% and 30%, a 20% rate of repeat purchases, and a 6 to 1 return on investment for Facebook ads.

The startup has also been developing Genlytics, the company’s specific name for the data and analytics software currently in beta. Their business software will be able to provide in-depth statistics and information for influencers to better optimize their social media posts for stronger engagement. Genlytics will be compatible with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

The Company’s Recent Funding Round and Future Plans

In Genflow’s recent funding round, the startup raised $11 million in capital. The funding round was led by BGF with small participation from other investors. The startup’s main goals include scaling up its offering and expanding toward a much larger international presence.

When commenting on the company’s recent growth and services, founder Shan Hanif said, “Genflow allows an influencer to start their own business instead of the traditional brand deals so if someone with an audience wants truly their own audience and business Genflow does that for them. We provide them the complete infrastructure to launch a business: design, manufacturing, development, content, strategy, and marketing all in one place. This gives us the unique ability to execute to a very high level that drives revenue.”

Final Conclusions

Genflow is tapping into a massive growing market with social media exploding. Influencers are building personal brands, and Genflow is providing significant tools and resources to help their success. With the newest infusion of capital, the startup can expand upon its current platform’s model and provide even more resources.

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