5 Organizations That Announced Generous Research Grants in 2020

By Mariliana Fotopoulou Saturday, June 27, 2020

The pandemic has tilted the economy downward, and many people looking for ways to move on. Fortunately, there are companies around who are willing to give out generous grants for research.

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The Mosaic initiative aims to help boost the field of ecology, individuals, and associations who are committed to their quest for nature’s wellbeing and health, by providing support to their operations and developments for a chance to succeed. 

In order to respond to the pressing need for devices and assets to stay afloat in the short term, they asked ecological and environmental equity associations about their current operational needs. Through their collected data, they discovered three main areas that needed to be addressed: 

  • Technology and support for remote work
  • Preparation for viable remote work and connection 
  • Resources for operational duties and planning 

Therefore, Mosaic is offering to make donations of up to $1 million to eligible not-for-profit grassroots associations affected by the pandemic.


InnoCentive is a global innovation development center, where some of the world’s smartest people present and discuss some of the planet’s most significant issues, with the change to earn a grant of up to $1 million to work on solutions. 

Numerous businesses, administrative and philanthropic associations are working with InnoCentive to explore solutions for issues that could truly affect humanity — ranging from financial to clinical advances to nature. 

Recently they started toying with a new idea: gamification approaches that could help forestall the spread of coronavirus. This test is called an Ideation challenge - there is a guaranteed grant, regardless of the outcome.


Microsoft is taking in requests for the AI for Health program for COVID-19 grant proposals - from nonprofits, academia, and governments. They have specified that this is a grant for research that deals with this issue only. This grant program links to their Azure cloud service. 

Their team of health data science experts, who want to improve the wellbeing of people and communities worldwide, are also open to collaborations with researchers tackling this critical challenge. Microsoft researchers from all over the world will be available to provide advice and collaborate.

To apply for this grant, you must prepare a description of your proposal for their team to review. The grant’s amount is based on the quality of the research at hand.

Social Science Research Council (SSRC)

The SSRC is an organization that works with socially relevant data that helps researchers address large issues that inform, protect, and empower people. Much of this data is proprietary, held by private companies, and unavailable for independent research products. While social media is beginning to engage a broader research community, questions of importance to the public, like the role of social media in democratic policies, need to be addressed.

The SSRC is open to proposals from scholars in social sciences and related fields for the Social Data Research Fellowship and the Social Data Dissertation Fellowship. These will support research projects for up to 12 months and give up to $15,000 in grants.

Regional Studies Association (RSA)

The RSA is focused on supporting a global network of specialists researching and reporting on how districts, urban areas, and industries are handling the effects of COVID-19. This Small Grant Scheme has been propelled to help local efforts in this work. The cash to finance this plan has been provided by the Research Network plan and Travel Grant scheme. 

The RSA is looking to advance and boost research efforts by offering these subsidies, both locally and globally. Topics of research could range from financial, environmental, social, political, social, political, and technological change, and address applied, methodological, empirical, or policy impacts. Topics could also address particular nations, districts, or urban communities, spreading awareness of their issues and calling for solutions. The grant is up to $5,000.

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