Genei, an AI Startup for Researchers, Grows With Support From Nvidia

By Bruce Harpham Monday, February 1, 2021

Genei, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup company, has built an app to simplify your reading workload. The AI research tool summarizes articles and papers so that users can review more material. Genei is popular with students, professional researchers, and AI enthusiasts.

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Support From Nvidia and Angel Investors

Genei’s story is getting started with support from individuals and one titan of the technology business. “We've been funded solely by angel investors so far to a total of approximately $286,000,” Aleksandra Moskalik, chief marketing officer at Genei, told Startup Savant.

“We are part of Nvidia's inception program, which offers go-to-market support, expertise, and technology,” Moskalik commented. The Nvidia program runs a global network of more than seven thousand artificial intelligence and data science startup companies. The program does not provide direct investment. Instead, the program offers preferred pricing on Nvidia products, access to Nvidia learning programs, and networking opportunities.

Nvidia is also actively acquiring companies. Last year, the technology company acquired Arm, an AI company in the UK, for $40 billion. Also, Nvidia acquired Cumulus Networks (a networking software business) and SwiftStack (a data storage startup company) in 2020.

Ninety Active Users From Product Hunt

Genei has had good results launching their beta product through Product Hunt. “We launched our beta platform on Product Hunt and quickly rose to the #3 product of the day, and one of the products of the month, with 527 upvotes to date. Our launch on Product Hunt generated approximately 500 leads and 90 active users,” added Moskalik.

Before launching on Product Hunt, the company prepared for several months, including developing new copy, branding, and planning social media marketing campaigns.

Genei’s Vision — Make AI Intuitive

Genei’s vision is driven by a desire to make AI technology available to more people. “One of our overarching objectives has been to democratize the use of AI, to make it more intuitive and more contextual…. We're proud of how users can understand and visualize how our AI is working and see where it's deriving its knowledge from. The long-term objective is for people to work in tandem with AI naturally and seamlessly,” said Moskalik.

Product Development and Sales Are 2021 Priorities

Launching a beta version of the product is an excellent way to validate market demand. Once demand is apparent, it is time to invest in improving the product. In 2021, product development is an essential priority for the startup company.

“Our biggest priority is someone to work on the product side of things — a CPO or highly experienced UX designer. As a productivity tool, a slick and efficient UX is important and is something we care about. By the summer of 2021, we'll be looking for someone with sales experience to explore B2B possibilities,” Moskalik told Startup Savant.

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