ForSight Robotics Raises Seed Funding as Startup Looks to Revolutionize Eye Surgery

By Thomas Price Wednesday, March 10, 2021

As medical procedures become more complex and require more precision, many companies and businesses have been making efforts in the healthcare industry to automate or use robots for specific aspects of surgery. This, however, is particularly difficult for eye surgery which requires an incredibly high level of accuracy. ForSight Robotics is a startup that has launched a robotic surgery platform focusing specifically on ophthalmological surgeries. The eye surgery robotics startup recently raised funding from a large seed round to help expand their business operations and continue to develop their technology.

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ForSight’s Surgery Platform and Early Success

Based in Israel, ForSight is a startup that has developed a robotic surgery platform built with a specific focus on eye surgery. The startup uses robotic microsurgical technology in combination with unique instruments in order to create a higher level of maneuverability and accuracy that even some of the best-trained surgeons in the world are unable to perform.

The surgery robotics company has also developed advanced visualization through the use of stereoscopic imaging technology, which provides real-time guidance and improved sight for operators. More impressively, ForSight Robotics has built its platform to continuously improve and perfect itself by implementing machine learning to better analyze data and make adjustments over time.

ForSight is also pressing on a growing business demand as well. In fact, according to a recent study, there are only about 72 eye surgeons per 1 million people in high-income countries and a much worse 3.7 eye surgeons per 1 million in low-income countries. Based on a growing need for eye surgeons and the advanced technology developed by the company, ForSight has been able to rally strong investor enthusiasm.

ForSight’s Seed Funding Round and Future Plans

In ForSight’s seed funding round, the company raised $10 million. The funding round was led by venture capital companies Eclipse Ventures and Mithril Capital. The eye robotics surgery startup plans to use this funding in order to expand business operations by growing the overall company headcount, working toward new international business, and — pending regulatory approval — finally launching their platform. The company has also made plans to do business across several different markets in order to ensure the highest possible revenue and outreach.

When commenting on the technology and recent seed funding the eye surgery robotics company raised, co-founder and CEO of the business, Daniel Glozman, said, “It’s a proprietary technology that we developed. It includes robotics, visualization, and machine learning. Together, this will allow physicians to democratize surgeries. All physicians around the world will be able to perfect this procedure and perform ophthalmic procedures in a more uniform way.”

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