Ford Honors Schaeffler Group Most Prestigious Award at Recent Event

By Thomas Price Saturday, November 21, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced significant changes around the world. Many events have continued on and made adaptations to ensure normalcy while maintaining safety. One of those events that had to make serious changes this year was the Ford World Excellence Awards. In the past, people attended this event to honor and applaud the different companies in conjunction with Ford Motor Company. However, it was changed this year to be virtual to minimize risk due to the ongoing pandemic. Although the event was held differently from prior years, that does not suggest that the honor being bestowed was any less significant. This is especially true for Schaeffler Group who was recently spotlighted by the awards from Ford. So, who is Schaeffler Group, and what have they recently been honored for?

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Who Is Schaeffler Group?

Schaeffler Group is a global supplier to businesses such as the automotive and industrial markets in fields such as movement and motion in a very broad sense. Schaeffler Group is most well known for creating and servicing engine components, chassis, transmissions, and clutches. The use of their products has led to higher fuel efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions, as well. These new developments in efficiency have led to innovations from Schaeffler Group in areas such as carbon-efficient drives, electric mobility, digitalization, and renewable energies. On a more recent note for the company is research into and the eventual creation of drives for both hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Schaeffler Group has been the subject of tremendous growth to where the company now boasts around 84,200 employees around the globe and a collective sales number of €14.4 billion ($17.1 billion) in 2019. Perhaps equally impressive as this are the nearly 2,400 different patent applications that Schaeffler Group owns, showing the clear and obvious push for innovation and forward-thinking the company is becoming known for. According to the German Patent and Trademark Office, Schaeffler Group is the second most innovative company in all of Germany. This all returns to the same point, which is that Schaeffler Group has been a monumentally important figure for the Ford Motor Company and the automotive industry as a whole. Their constant pushing at the envelope of innovation has, in turn, led them to receive quite a bit of praise from the industry the company supports, which, of course, leads back to the recent honor from Ford.

Ford World Excellence Awards

Schaeffler Group’s recent success and innovation have led to attention from many large companies, including Ford, who honored the company at their award event. Schaeffler Group was named the winner of the category, “Brand Pillar: Propulsion Choices.” The brand pillar awards were the most prestigious of the event, with categories including winning portfolio, propulsion choices, autonomous technology, and connected services.

Other categories at the Ford World Excellence Awards were fitness awards for suppliers based on quality, value, innovation, along with diverse supplier of the year, and sustainable supplier of the year. Also included in this list were gold and silver recognitions for suppliers showing high-quality delivery and cost performance over the course of the year.

Schaeffler Group’s distinction is extremely high, even among the many other awards and companies who received them. This recognition shows just how valuable a business Schaeffler Group is to a major company such as Ford. The clear pattern of growth, innovation, and extremely solid sales numbers represent a strong future for the company, especially in the fields of hybrid and electric vehicle drives.

Final Conclusions

Receiving awards is by no means the crux of why a company works to create groundbreaking and innovative products. While this may not be the case, receiving awards for the work being done is a feather in the cap of a company that is clearly rising above the level of their already achieved success. Schaeffler Group’s work makes the current technology more carbon-efficient and creates drives for the future of the automotive industry as electric vehicles look to take over the market. Needless to say, the company is looking toward a positive future.

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