Enterprise Sales Highspot Becomes Seattle’s Newest Unicorn Startup

By Elijah Labby Thursday, February 25, 2021

AI-driven enterprise sales startup company Highspot has reached the goal of every startup: to reach “unicorn” status.

For a startup company in any industry, to become a “unicorn,” or reach a business valuation of at least $1 billion, is a sign of success beyond the startup world. It’s a validation of the business plan of the startup company and a ticket to more widespread popularity.

But the AI software of Highspot blew that out of the water. The AI startup company reached a business valuation of $2.3 billion after a recent Series E round of startup business funding.

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What Does Highspot Do?

Think of Highspot as an AI extension of a salesperson. The software of the startup company equips salespeople to perform the best that they can and maximize sales and leads. The startup company uses data, presentations, and other forms of information, all guided and compiled by AI, to help salespeople make the most out of every interaction.

John Curtius, a partner at Tiger Global Management, which led the Series E round of startup company funding, said in a statement that Highspot has the potential to shake up the business in a major way.

“Salesforce changed sales 20 years ago. Marketo changed marketing ten years ago. Now, Highspot’s vision is to fundamentally change the way companies go to market,” he said. "Highspot's secret is an authentic commitment to people – their employees, customers and partners – that inspires a tremendously collaborative and resilient culture. We believe they're capable of sustaining unmatched levels of innovation to achieve their vision."

Highspot’s Unique Approach

The startup calls its unique AI approach to maximizing sales for a company “sales enablement.” In essence, sales enablement is the idea that by using AI, data, and other forms of information, salespeople can get the most out of salespeople-customer conversations.

But, says Robert Wahbe, CEO of Highspot, it’s more than that.

"Sales enablement is about more than sales. It connects everyone from marketing and sales to post-sales in delivering a unified buying experience that wins, retains and expands customer relationships," he said. "Scaling your go-to-market strategy is a complex process with a large gap between strategy and action. We close this gap. Our single, unified platform improves sales performance by turning strategy into successful execution."

In a market worth $2.29 billion in 2019, those that occupy the business have a lot to gain. That market is growing at a compounded annual rate of 10.5% — a fantastic rate of growth for the sales AI sector — making a business like Highspot a worthwhile business venture and a worthwhile investment in the future of AI and sales.

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