Engineering Software Company Receives Investment From Long Arc Capital

By Bruce Harpham Sunday, May 9, 2021

Long Arc Capital, a New York private equity investment firm, has invested in Agile Frameworks as a majority owner. Based in Minneapolis, Agile Frameworks provides software for engineering and consulting firms. The software company has more than 28,000 monthly subscribers and 25 employees as of May 2021.

“We believe that Agile Frameworks is the most advanced provider of SaaS solutions to the engineering services industry today and is poised to create the next generation solutions for thousands of enterprise clients,” said W. Tobin Whamond, partner of Long Arc Capital.

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Founded in 2011

Agile Frameworks was created by another company, Braun Intertec, in 2011. At first, the company’s software was mainly used to serve the needs of Braun Intertec’s business clients. In 2012, Braun Intertec spun out the software company as a separate business but continues to use Agile Frameworks software as a customer.

Agile Frameworks now serves a variety of engineering clients such as Kumar & Associates (a Dever engineering company), Nova Engineering (an Atlanta-based engineering consulting company), and Olsson Associates (a Nebraska environmental company).

The engineering software company solves a variety of problems for its users. The platform can be used for construction materials testing, environmental consulting, non-destructive testing, and building sciences. Agile Frameworks makes it easier for engineers to manage their workflow, digital signatures, and documents.

Long Arc Capital

Established in 2016, Long Arc Capital has a growing portfolio. The firm has invested in TagPlay (a software company serving the banking industry), Tinubu Square (an enterprise software company for insurance), and Concertiv, Inc. (a procurement software business). The investing firm is led by managing partner Gaurav Bhandari. Before starting Long Arc Capital, Bhandari led the private investment portfolio at Goldman Sachs. Bhandari is also on the board of directors for CircleBlack, Tinubu Square, and Robertson Stephens.

Long Arc Capital has taken majority ownership in Agile Frameworks, but the financial terms of the investment have not been disclosed.

Saving Time on Audits

Preparing for audits is time-consuming whether a business faces a tax audit or a technical audit. Agile Frameworks helps an engineering business manage its quality management systems and lab facilities to pass audits more efficiently.

Furthermore, Agile Frameworks estimates that a business facing a quality audit may spend two to three weeks on audit work. For example, it can be challenging for an engineering business to maintain lab training records required to pass an audit. Agile Frameworks’s software also helps to maintain records regarding sensitive engineering and lab equipment. By simplifying audits, Agile Frameworks has the chance to distinguish itself from other engineering management software products on the market.

Project Management Software Competition

While the software company offers more than project management, it does compete against other firms in the space. To efficiently pass audits, Agile Frameworks competes against companies using products like Microsoft Excel to maintain their records at the low end of complexity. Furthermore, the company also competes with large project management business tools like Workzone, Microsoft Project, and Primavera. According to Market Study Report data published in March 2021, the global construction project management software industry was worth $1.4 billion in 2019. However, the industry is expected to grow to $3.6 billion by 2027.

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