Energy Transition Ventures Launches First Fund in Texas as Company Begins Investing in Science

By Thomas Price Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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With a global focus on environmental issues and long-term sustainability, many startups and businesses have been created to help with this goal in mind. As a result, the need for funding these companies remains as large as ever. Energy Transition Ventures is a company looking to begin investing in startups within this field as soon as possible with the launch of its first fund in Texas. This new capital from the investment company will help serve early-stage and seed rounds for startup companies and businesses in clean energy, carbon capture, and other sustainable efforts to generate enough capital to grow.

Energy Transition Ventures Investing Philosophy

Investment company Energy Transition Ventures has a very specific set of startup companies and businesses it will help fund. Unlike many other venture capital firms, which set investing parameters on startup companies based on location or growth potential, Energy Transition Ventures focuses specifically on different scientific topics. These topics that the company sees value in investing in cover distributed energy, electrification, mobility, resource efficiency, and enabling technologies.

More specifically, within distributed energy, the investment company is looking for startup companies involved in the planning and development of smart cities, virtual power plants, and consumer energy, among others. When investing in electrification, businesses in energy storage, renewable energy, and transportation stand out. Energy Transition Ventures focuses on EV startup companies, hydrogen power, fleet management, and autonomous driving in the mobility sector.

Businesses involved in carbon capture technology, energy efficiency, and agricultural technology stand as investing highlights in the resource efficiency category. And finally, businesses and startup companies focusing on AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, and blockchain technology are major investing points for the company.

Energy Transition Ventures will be focusing primarily on investing during early-stage rounds where the company can more easily lead a business and remain closely involved moving forward. Outside of very specific cases, the investment company will use the overwhelming majority of its capital for funding rounds between seed and Series B.

The company was founded by veteran cleantech investors Craig Lawrence and Neal Dikeman. The two of them have previously served as investing partners within the cleantech world for Accel Partners, Jane Capital, and Shell Technology Ventures.

Energy Transition Ventures’s New Fund

The investment company recently launched its first-ever major fund with expectations to be worth $75 million at the time of close. This will allow for several investments over the next few years. The company has already begun investing, with the first investment happening in March of this year.

When commenting on the new fund launch, co-founder of Energy Transition Ventures, Neal Dikeman, said, “In the near future, energy is going to be delivered and used completely differently. Marginal and average energy and CO2e prices are now on a long term deflationary trend.”

He later went on to add, “There are 500 multi-billion dollar energy companies globally, and massive portions of global GDP, that are going to get disrupted in the energy transition, from energy & power, transport, real estate, industrial to consumer to agriculture. We've been successful being highly selective as investors, and using our deep networks and understanding of energy and technology to avoid pitfalls other investors faced. It is exciting to be off the bench to do it again.”

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