Endless West Raises $21 Million for Molecular, Technology-Based Spirits

By Thomas Price Tuesday, April 6, 2021

While much of the alcohol industry is built on long-standing traditional techniques and processing, there is new technology revolutionizing how wine and spirits are being created. Endless West is a spirit and wine technology startup that is at the forefront of this new technological revolution in the alcohol industry. Through the use of molecular technology, the startup reduces the need for large amounts of natural resources to create its scientifically crafted alcohol. The innovative method is far more sustainable than traditional alcohol processing methods. The company recently raised Series B funding to further expand business operations and advance its technology.

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How Endless West Works and Early Success

The wine and spirit technology startup creates its products by breaking down the flavors of alcohol and wine down to key aroma and flavor molecules. Once those are properly identified, Endless West creates a map of all the flavor molecules that would make up the drink. The company then extracts those flavor components from more efficient natural resources such as yeast, sugar, fruit, and wood. Finally, the ingredients are blended together, creating a precise spirit or wine unique down to the molecule.

The process used by the startup is also extremely resource-efficient, making alcohol creation far more environmentally sustainable. In fact, Endless West products require up to 94% less water than traditional distilleries. The company also requires up to 92% less agricultural land as well while producing comparable yields. This allows for business operations to be set up in urban areas, thus reducing carbon emissions during travel and distribution as well.

As it stands, the business offers three main products. Gemello is the Endless West version of a moscato wine without using a single grape to produce. The startup also sells Kazoku, a molecular spirit inspired by Japanese sake. Finally, the flagship product from Endless West is Glyph, a molecular whiskey that is available under different flavor profiles.

All of the products made by the company are available for individual purchase and are also sold at several bars across the United States (US).

Funding and Future Plans for Endless West

For its Series B funding round, the company raised $21 million. The funding round drew participation from Horizons Ventures, Litani Ventures, North East Family Office, and SOSV alongside other, smaller investors. The startup plans to use this new funding in order to expand business operations and add a fourth product to its current lineup.

The funding could be particularly potent given the incredible value of the alcoholic beverage industry right now. In fact, the global alcoholic beverage market is worth a whopping $1.587 trillion. The value of the global market is projected to continue to expand as well, making a business entering the market nearly limitless in potential long-term growth.

When commenting on what makes the business different, co-founder and CEO of the company, Alec Lee, said, “At Endless West, we've created a brand new category of spirits to directly address and eliminate some of the biggest pain points in the industry. We protect the natural resources used to make spirits, pronounce those unique flavors that define the spirits' characteristics and innovate flavor through our technology-driven platform.”

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