Emma Reports Massive Sales as Company Introduces New Smart Mattress

By Thomas Price Sunday, January 31, 2021

While many different businesses had significant struggles through 2020 due to the economic downturn associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, others found new ways to continue to thrive. Considering how much more time people are spending at home with so many different entertainment options restricted in some capacity, sleep science technology has become a far more valuable business. Emma is a sleep science company that has certainly reaped the benefits of the growing industry in 2020, posting a massive annual sales boost. Considering its recent sales report, what does Emma do, what kind of sales did they post in 2020, and what can we expect from the company?

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Emma’s Products and Business Growth

Emma is a sleep company most known for its mattresses and pillows. The company’s flagship product, the Emma Original Mattress, is built with several different pieces of sleep technology, including climate regulation fabric, Airgocell foam to isolate motion, memory foam to relieve pressure, and a layer of HRX material to promote spinal alignment. The company also has a pillow equipped with sleep technology similar to the Airgocell foam and cold foam, which regulates temperature and comfortably molds to the user’s head.

These sorts of products have helped Emma reach incredible new heights in recent years as the business and sales have been subject to extreme growth. In fact, since the company’s founding in 2013, Emma had a compound annual growth rate of an incredible 333%. The company now operates in 25 different countries and has 528 different employees. This strong business growth can be directly tied to the massive sales numbers that Emma is currently generating.

In 2020 alone, the company reported annual sales of $494.7 million — a 170% growth in new business from 2019. The majority of the sales come from the over 1.5 million different mattresses sold throughout the year, with business looking to continue to boom in the near future.

When commenting on the strong annual sales revenue in 2020, CEO and co-founder of Emma, Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi, said, “I am excited, grateful and proud that we are progressing at light speed to make Emma the number one global sleep brand. A turnover of EUR 405 million in 2020 proves that our three levers to globally scale the business are well-chosen: growth in new markets, increasing market share in existing markets and expanding our omni-channel strategy.”

Emma’s Future Plans

While the incredible leap in sales revenue may be impressive, the business plans to continue to innovate as the company recently introduced its Emma Motion smart mattress. Features of this smart mattress include an Infinite AI Sensor to detect sleep position and the Silent Move IQ technology that automatically adapts to the user’s sleep position to ensure a better night’s sleep.

The company plans to use more sleep technology to develop the Emma App. Furthermore, Emma aims to further customize and innovate its current line of products. Considering the company’s successful business trajectory and the upcoming line of developments in the works, Emma looks to see even stronger growth in 2021.

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