Edtech Startup Winc Academy Raises $3 Million to Meet Strong Demand for Tech Education

By Adriaan Brits | Wednesday, January 12, 2022 | Startup, Education, Tech

Edtech startup company Winc Academy announced that it raised $3 million in a business funding round led by Rubio Impact Ventures and Dutch Founders Fund. Winc Academy’s angel investor Vivid Ventures also took part in the latest business funding round.

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Responding to Robust Demand for Tech Learning

The Amsterdam-based startup company plans to invest the new business funding to facilitate the growth of its platform and match the growing demand. Raised business funding speaks of confidence that Rubio Impact Ventures and Dutch Founders Fund have in the emerging edtech startup company.

Dutch Founders Fund is an early-stage venture capital (VC) fund founded in 2018. The VC company has provided funding for 16 startup companies, including YourCampus, Shypple, Vintage Cash Cow, Lumaly, Blanco, Fleks, Minimum, and more. Today, the VC fund manages around €100 million ($114 million) in assets.

Rubio Impact Ventures is also a well-known VC fund with €150 million ($171 million) in assets under management (AUM). The fund is focused on backing early-stage, hyper-growth startup companies that have the potential to disrupt global markets in a commercially scalable way.

Using the freshly-raised funding, Winc Academy will be able to provide education to more than 20,000 students and help them build their careers in the hot tech sector. Over the past year, the number of active Winc Academy students increased eight times, boosted by the COVID-19-fueled shift to digital work. 

The edtech startup company offers courses featuring personal monitoring, allowing users to take their lessons whenever they suit them. Students can choose from a variety of courses available on the platform and pursue their careers as data analysts, developers, or other tech-related jobs. 

"Winc Academy aims to achieve lifelong learning & a secure job for all. They essentially offer careers, not courses, and enable everyone who has the ambition and grit an opportunity at a future-proof career in tech. Impact drive is strongly anchored in their DNA," says Willemijn Verloop, founder of Rubio Impact Ventures.

The new business funding round comes several months after Winc Academy appointed a new CEO, Joran Van Aart. Winc Academy plans to continue to reinforce its leadership and hire a new COO, as well as fill in other senior positions across its education, marketing, financial strategy, and tech departments.

"In just 3 years this team has built a scalable edtech platform with graduation rates far higher than others. By bringing together industry experts, mentors, and learners, Winc Academy is building a much-needed international marketplace in education," said Founding Partner Patrick Kerssemakers at Dutch Founders Fund.

Those who sign up for Winc Academy courses will attend the lessons from home and gain access to an active online community as well as personal guidance. 

The duration of courses can vary, while the average cost revolves around €2,500 ($2,850). Interestingly, the average student age who uses the platform is around 35, indicating the startup company’s desire to focus on the up-skilling methodology.


Dutch edtech startup Winc Academy announced that it secured $3 million in a seed business funding round led by Rubio Impact Ventures and Dutch Founders Fund. The startup company plans to use the raised funding to continue developing its platform and train 20,000 IT professionals across Europe this year.

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