EdTech Startup uLesson Raises Solid Funding in Series A Round

By Thomas Price Saturday, January 30, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced nearly all different businesses to make major adjustments to continue to operate. One of the hardest-hit industries has been the education sector, with millions of students all over the world having to learn remotely. As a result, many different companies and startups have created supplementary education tools to keep students from falling behind academically. Nigerian-based uLesson is a startup working to provide academic content to students as well. The startup recently closed on its Series A funding, and the raised capital will ensure the business has a chance to flourish.

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uLesson’s Platform and Business Growth

uLesson is an edtech startup based in Nigeria that has created a large-scale education platform for students of varying ages. Originally the company was created as a service delivering secure digital or SD cards loaded with academic content. Since then, the startup has developed dramatically, with the company now having a fully digital platform available on both PCs and Android mobile devices. The startup has seen unprecedented business growth since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.

In fact, uLesson’s app alone has been downloaded more than 1 million times already. Beyond this, the startup has seen an unbelievable 70% month-over-month business growth as remote education has become the standard around the globe. While there is currently no data available on the effectiveness of the content and platform the company offers, the incredible popularity and growth of uLesson’s product speaks for itself. This sudden growth of the business will allow for the startup to not only continue expanding its content, but more importantly, completely digitize its entire platform by Q2 2021.

uLesson’s Recent Business Funding Round and Future Plans

In uLesson’s Series A funding round, the startup raised a strong $7.5 million. This brings the total capital raised by the company to over $10 million after a $3.1 million seed funding round in November of 2019. The funding round was led by Owl Ventures with participation from LocalGlobe, TLcom Capital, and Founder Collective. The new infusion of capital will mainly go toward focused efforts of larger distribution and adoption by students, teachers, and hopefully, entire schools throughout the intended market.

When commenting on the latest funding invested into uLesson, partner at LocalGlobe Suzanne Ashman said, “We are thrilled to add uLesson to our emerging portfolio of Africa-based companies. We, like many investors and entrepreneurs, are excited by Africa’s future and the potential for a wave of category defining tech companies to emerge in the region. We were hugely impressed by the foundational DNA of uLesson’s team in Nigeria. The team has purpose-built the product to make the learning experience significantly more engaging and effective than a large classroom experience. We are delighted to be part of uLesson’s journey.”

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