Doodeo Announces Launch of Live Streaming Services From Entertainment Booking Platform

By James White Saturday, March 20, 2021

Though the music industry experienced unexpected setbacks as a result of the global pandemic (especially in the live performance department), massive businesses like Apple and small startup companies alike are actively working to provide alternative ways to experience music from people’s favorite performers. Social startup company Doodeo recently announced that the business is adding live streaming music services to its entertainment booking platform for aspiring musicians and DJs.

“I built Doodeo to honor the entertainers and craftsmen among us,” states Rony Hage, CEO and founder of the social startup business. “It’s a platform baked from the ground up to help them market their skills and get discovered. A diverse community where talented individuals can earn credibility, showcase their portfolio, and share their passion.”

The social startup company is currently seeking help from investors through a Wefunder fundraising campaign, which has already amassed $149,750 from 56 investors. Those backing the social startup through the crowdfunding platform are offered a simple agreement for future equity (SAFE) in the business as it continues to pursue funding from accredited investors.

In addition to crowdfunding efforts, Doodeo is continuing to build up its business team. Last month the social startup company announced the addition of Isabella Bedoya, founder of startup company FameHackers and former artists and repertoire (A&R) representative for Sony Music.

A DJ playing music at a nightclub.

A New Way for Music Performers and Fans to Engage

Hage describes the social startup he launched in 2018 as “the LinkedIn for entertainers.”

The website offers new artists an opportunity to advertise their services as a DJ or an entertainer for various events and venues. A musician or DJ can upload videos, audio, and images to their profile to help pull in talent scouts and get their names out there. The idea is to combine the functionality of other businesses and social media companies like Youtube, Instagram, and LinkedIn into one convenient platform, Doodeo.

The social startup business offers a free plan in addition to a Doodeo Pro plan, which, for a monthly fee, allows any artist and DJ unlimited media uploads and gig applications as well as more detailed insights about the traffic on their Doodeo profile. Live streaming music services will allow entertainers to host virtual audiences and provide a method for consumers to book private performances from budding DJs and performers.

Bridging the Social Media and Music Performance Market

The Doodeo platform plants itself firmly in two massive markets: social media and music entertainment. Not only does the company offer a way for listeners and event bookers to engage with up-and-coming artists, but the business platform can also potentially jumpstart artists’ careers, allowing giants like Sony and Warner Music Group to find rising stars.

As the music industry continues to recover from canceled tours, live music streaming services hold great potential, and companies like Apple and Amazon are already taking advantage of the market.

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