The Company Helping Weddings Adjust to the COVID-19 Age

By Jemima McEvoy Thursday, November 26, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know. Major events — graduations, birthdays, holidays, and weddings — have all been reimagined or canceled as people seek to avoid spreading the virus. However, as the pandemic stretches into its eleventh month, one New York-based startup is hoping to help salvage ceremonies celebrating love.

Effects of COVID-19 on Wedding Industry

Though the full scope of the damage done to the $78-billion-a-year wedding industry won’t be known until the year’s end, it’s safe to say that COVID-19 has made a huge dent. “Besides creating a financial impact on florists, photographers, and hoteliers, it has put a strain on engaged couples who have another big decision to make — delay the big day or scale down the wedding,” explained the Los Angeles Times in a recent article about a burgeoning trend of micro weddings. “Last year, couples in the US spent an average of $33,900 on their weddings; it’s anyone’s guess how far that number will fall this year.”

As states begin to open up and weddings once again become possible (although in a much more limited capacity), companies have started thinking about how to facilitate safe ceremonies. One positive impact of COVID-19 is pandemic-era innovation, which is not limited to bigger companies or more established startups. In fact, it’s a good time for up-and-coming companies to throw their names in the ring if they have a good idea. That’s exactly what DMF Interiors—an early-stage startup—is doing.

DMF Interiors’s Solution and Business Strategies

DMF Interiors is an interior design company founded by Deborah Fribourg in July 2015. According to the company website, Fribourg has serviced high-profile clients, including Seth Rogan and his wife Lauren, who praised the designer for “[bringing] our New York dream apartment to life.” Her style is described as elegantly combining “clean modern elements with colorful bohemian furnishings” to create “warm and stylish spaces.”

Though interior design is her bread and butter, Fribourg has identified a unique opportunity within the pandemic to expand her brand. In addition to offering her usual design services, Fribourg launched a new venture in mid-November within DMF Interiors: Create Your Own Registry by DMF. It’s a creative idea, catering to a return to weddings but with a sustained fear of COVID-19: instead of shopping around for your own registry, Fribourg will do it for you.

“I’ve always had a passion for kitchen gadgets, beautiful houseware, and tableware,” said Fribourg in a recent announcement. “My closest friends and family always ask me to help them with their registries, and I thought it was time to share my passion with everyone. Especially now, with the pandemic, it’s more difficult to go to a store just to browse for hours.”

Fribourg will handle this critical — and stressful — part of the wedding preparations. Furthermore, DMF Interiors has three different tiers of support depending on how much help is needed (or wanted) and people’s personal financial restrictions; prices range from $175 to $550.

The wittily named “A Bit Indecisive” package is for soon-to-be weds who sort of know what they want but aren’t completely sure. For $175, Fribourg will conduct a questionnaire to understand style needs, review registry ideas on a 90-minute call, and then provide recommendations within 24 hours of the call. Clients with slightly more needs can pay for the “Need Some Guidance” package which is designed for those who want to set up the registry themselves but want guidance on exactly what to put in it. Using a questionnaire, a 45-minute initial call, unlimited emails, and follow-up calls, DMF Interiors “will research absolutely everything that you want to include on your registry” for a total price of $350. Finally, there’s the “Please Do It For Me” option which is for clients who want everything taken care of—from hand-picking the registry to creating it on Zola. This option costs $550.

Though there are a lot of tips and tricks out there on how to fill wedding registries, Fribourg’s personal spin of supporting shoppers is unique and enterprising, particularly because of the pandemic, which has greatly impacted how people shop. “Couples are still tying the knot and having virtual showers, and Fribourg wants to help them build their dream home without them ever having to step foot into a store,” explains the DMF Interiors news release. “All of the products she sources and recommends are tried and true and are not limited to any set of pre-approved brands … Fribourg's goal is to make sure newlyweds are getting everything they need and want the first time around, in order to avoid all of the hassles that follow.”

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