Photo Sharing App Startup Dispo Raises $20 Million in Series A Funding for ‘New’ Take on Social Media

By Elijah Labby Monday, March 1, 2021

Dispo is a new photo sharing, social media app startup founded by YouTuber David Dobrik who wants to keep you in the moment. The young startup business has recently raised $20 million in Series A funding to bring its vision to fruition.

The photo sharing app transforms your phone into a disposable (hence the name) camera. The old-fashioned winding wheel is in the corner, a small viewfinder is at the top, and you can turn the flash on and off, just like we used to before Apple, Samsung, and others developed the smartphones that now consume our lives.

A family taking a selfie on a smartphone.

What Does the Photo Sharing Startup Business Do?

Dispo is not another gimmicky photo sharing app company, used solely for sharing photos on social media that make it look like you’re on your way to a Peter Gabriel concert. The app startup company wants to change your relationship to photos on your phone.

When you take a photo in the Dispo social media app, it takes 24 hours to “develop.” Think of the startup’s app like an anti-Instagram. The idea is that when you take a photo with the app, you won’t spend forever reviewing it, doing extensive preparations for social media sharing, and obsessing over what you look like. The photo sharing app takes your photo, “develops” it, posts it to your social media network, and if you want to review it, you just have to wait.

Dobrik and Dispo

Dobrik’s internet personality has undoubtedly given the social media app startup an edge, but it’s hard to argue with investments. In October 2020, Dispo announced $4 million in seed funding led by Alexis Ohanian's venture capital firm Seven Seven Six.

"I always say that when I invest in a company, that I'm investing in a founder and an idea, and Dispo is no exception," he said in a company press release. "Many people know David Dobrik as the internet's best friend - he is fun personified, with an unmatched magnetism that draws people in. However, what people might not realize just yet, is that David is a motivated visionary who has a plan to reinstall authenticity into social media and create a safe and fun internet for all.”

Now, with $20 million more in the photo sharing social media company’s pocket, Dispo can expand its business even more. The startup company is invite-only right now, but the new funding will help Dobrik and his photo sharing business bring the startup’s app to a wider audience.

In the US, a wider company audience is the ticket to a $61.4 billion business that’s growing at a compounded annual rate of 16.5% in 2021. Dobrik, Dispo, and the investors in the company are in good standing to take part.

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