Digbi Health Raises $5.4 Million to Reverse Diabetes, Skin, and Digestive Illnesses

By McKenzie Carpenter Thursday, March 18, 2021

It can be a difficult challenge for people to adjust their lives to new medical diagnoses or reverse the conditions themselves. Digbi Health, an AI healthtech startup company, has announced today that it has raised $5.4 million in financing for the healthcare business to continue its works against diabetes, skin, and digestive illnesses.

Healthy foods, weights, a stethoscope, and a blood pressure monitor.

About the Healthtech Business

Digbi Health is a healthtech startup company that uses AI technology, gut microbiomes, and genetic risk factors to create care programs that can help with diabetes, obesity, and inflammatory skin, and digestive illnesses. The healthcare startup company is currently present in the United States (US), India, and the Philippines.

The business was founded after CEO and founder Ranjan Sinha learned he had three major blocked arteries, declined a triple bypass surgery, and discovered what people put into their bodies matters just as much as a person’s biology.

By researching a person’s specific DNA, the AI technology allows the healthtech business to establish specialized health care programs depending on the person’s medical condition. Digbi Health’s AI-developed programs deal in large part with changing a person’s lifestyle and food habits. In addition, Digbi Health claims gender and ethnicity are also strongly linked to obesity and inflammatory illnesses. According to the startup company, 80% of people have health comorbidities.

Sinha said, “We are just starting to demonstrate the superior therapeutic power of combining gut-microbiome, genetics with lifestyle and clinical risk markers to recommend personalized, convenient, tiny changes in food and lifestyle that has remarkable impact on living a disease-free and full life…”

Furthermore, in a survey conducted by Digbi Health, the healthtech business reported that 8.92% was the average weight loss for survey respondents who used the specialized AI programs created by the startup company. Moreover, large percentages of survey respondents were able to reverse medical conditions they were diagnosed with.

To date, Digbi Health has been able to raise $8.5 million in financing across several rounds of funding. The most recent funding round was the largest one yet, where the AI healthtech business raised $5.4 million in a Series A financing round.

New Funding

This funding comes after the AI healthtech business had a successful 2020 with a 200% growth in new members, employer customers, executive appointments, and more. This financing round for the healthcare startup company was led by Accel.

Sinha said, “Having the financial support of Accel will enable us to execute our vision even more rapidly and broadly – with consumers, payers, doctors and employers.”

With the new financing, the startup company plans to forge employer and third-party administrator, or TPA, partnerships, as well as expand product offerings, engineering, gut microbiome and data science teams in the US and India, and add to its existing clinical research partners to invest in an FDA, or Food and Drug Administration, pathway for software as a medical device, or SaMD.

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