Dick’s Sporting Goods Creates Men’s Athleisure Brand as Company Looks to Remain Competitive

By Thomas Price Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Clothing companies suffered significantly over the past year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, athleisure wear was a segment in the market that was able to thrive. Companies such as Nike and Lululemon found tremendous success marketing and selling athleisure to consumers, which allowed both to actually grow business during the pandemic. Dick’s Sporting Goods looks to do the same as the company recently launched a line of men’s athleisure wear to compete in the market.

Dick's Clothing & Sporting Goods storefront.

Dick’s Ongoing Success in the Market and New Brand

While the introduction of a men’s brand for athleisure may be new for the company, Dick’s Sporting Goods has already been a player in the market for a while now. The launch of their women’s athleisure line, Calia, has been a major success already with business continuing to grow steadily for the brand. In fact, that success has gone so far as to put Calia in the top two women’s apparel brands at all stores in total sales.

The company has now introduced the male counterpart brand, VRST, as business continues to expand in the athleisure market. VRST will be focused on high-end, luxury athletic products that can serve both as apparel for working out as well as fashion.

While the new Dick’s Sporting Goods brand will focus on competition with companies such as Nike and Lululemon, the price range will be quite drastic, with items ranging from $30 all the way up to $120. This could allow for business to expand more rapidly as a more affordable counterpart to the expensive items offered by rival companies.

VRST will be immediately rolled out to more than 400 company stores nationwide and will be prominently featured both online and in person to help boost early sales as the brand debuts to the public.

Shift to Private Label Sales

One of the other major points that the launch of VRST touches on for the company is the shift slowly away from selling large name brands such as Adidas and Nike. While both will continue to be sold, business is moving toward selling directly to the consumer as opposed to in-person shopping at a third-party location such as Dick’s Sporting Goods. As the business launches its own apparel brands, it will be easier to maintain strong sales and build a more exclusive customer base.

When commenting on the recent brand launch, Senior Vice President of Product Development of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nina Barjesteh, said, “The VRST line leverages our expertise in athletic apparel, technology and the in-house design capabilities we have been building over several years. VRST not only offers sophisticated performance apparel for running and training, but also comfortable, stylish pieces with premium fabrication that can be worn around town, out with friends or while working or working out at home.”

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