Dell Announces Initiative to Boost the Growth of SMEs

By | Saturday, 15 December 2012 | Business

Dell announced a renewed commitment to accelerate the growth of small and medium enterprises with scalable technology solutions, resources for entrepreneurs, and a new partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative designed for the next generation of entrepreneurs at Dell World 2012.

The rapidly growing entrepreneurial companies are an important catalyst for global economic recovery and job creation. Dell has invested in strategic acquisitions and programs like Dell Credit Fund Innovator, to build and deliver scalable solutions based on technology standards ideal for midsize businesses that are scalable up or down to meet the needs of small and large organizations.

Dell has developed a unique approach to meet the needs of these businesses. With new technologies emerging worldwide, proprietary technologies solutions can put organizations at risk. Dell’s approach promotes open innovation, with the philosophy that business leaders can decide what is best for the company and adapt to change at any time.

According to Dell’s own research, priorities for midsize businesses in the next year include improving efficiency and productivity, increase revenue and reduce costs. To address the key priorities of these businesses, like their larger counterparts, SMEs are prioritizing spending in areas such as virtualization and cloud computing to meet their old infrastructure and security problems, while driving innovation too. With Dell’s end-to-end solution, such as virtualization and cloud computing, companies can be more productive while reducing costs and expanding revenue potential.

Dell technologies are based on the concept of “open innovation”, where customers are not locked into proprietary technologies; possibility to buy solutions directly from Dell or partners, adaptive IT solutions that can be scaled or reduced according to the individual needs of each company and providing end-to-end IT solutions.

Dell’s portfolio extends across all areas of IT, including hardware, software and services. Virtualization, cloud computing services, integration and management are at the core of Dell’s strategy for the coming years, but the PC market remains a key element of the business.

Stressing the commitment to moving forward into a future, Dell introduces Dell Centre for Entrepreneurs and the project will be headed by Dell’s entrepreneur in residence Ingrid Vandervelt. Built from the entrepreneurial spirit and heritage of Dell, this center creates an environment geared to the knowledge, solutions and opportunities for growing businesses and will offer assistance to Clinton Global Initiative. The project will help businesses to get the capital they need to invest in technologies to accelerate business growth through Dell Financial Services and Dell Innovators Credit Fund.

Dell will sponsor the Clinton Global Initiative University – group created by former U.S. President, with the aim of bringing together global leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to key global challenges – and contribute to the creation of the agenda of the annual event promoted by the group in 2013.

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