Cybersecurity Startup Company Cyrebro Raises $15 Million to Expand Its Platform

By Elijah Labby Saturday, May 1, 2021

Cybersecurity startup company Cyrebro has raised $15 million in startup business funding to continue expanding its cloud-based technological safety operations platform.

Nowadays, cyber terrorists and other types of hackers aim to infiltrate computer systems large and small, across the world, all the time. So it’s important for just about everyone to employ tactics that can keep their digital information safe.

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What Makes Cyrebro Different From Other Cybersecurity Firms

Cyrebro, for its part, trains its focus on global business. What sets it apart from other cybersecurity firms is its unique all-in-one cloud-based security dashboard. One can see current and past threats all in one place and deal with them accordingly.

What the CEO of Cyrebro Has to Say

Nadav Arbel, the CEO of the startup company, said the pandemic had brought the necessity of a cybersecurity startup company like Cyrebro into even sharper focus.

“Global businesses of all sizes are facing the new threats of cyberattacks brought on by the pandemic, and companies now need simplified solutions to see, understand, and respond to their cybersecurity needs,” Arbel told startup business-focused news outlet VentureBeat. “[Our startup company, Cyrebro] is the only platform to address the full scope of cybersecurity needs in the most effective, powerful, and cost-efficient way.”

Details About the Most Recent Round of Funding

The most recent round of funding, led by venture capital firm Prytek, brings the total amount of startup business capital the company has raised to $22 million. The business plans to use the money to expand its coverage and offerings for small and medium-sized businesses of all types.

The Cybersecurity Technology Business

According to market research firm Market Research Future, the cybersecurity business is anticipated to reach a total market size of $199.98 billion in value by 2025. That means that there’s quite a lot of room for growth for a cybersecurity startup company like Cyrebro.

And Arbel says that that growing market reflects an equally growing necessity for security that has impacted the whole technological world.

“More than ever, organizations need holistic detection and response mechanisms while covering the complete suite of security solutions, including monitoring, threat hunting, response, and compliance,” he said.

Understanding the Importance of Cybersecurity and Cyrebro

One particular hacking case that helps to understand the scope of the global cybersecurity issue is one that occurred just last year. Last December, the Washington Post reported that hackers had infiltrated United States government security systems and accessed confidential information.

The case served to highlight not only the risks and vulnerabilities of even the highest levels of government security, but the necessity of security systems that a company like Cyrebro provides. In today’s highly technological society that is growing ever more technological by the day, one has never needed complete cybersecurity assurance more than now.

A Summary of Cyrebro’s Future Company Prospects

Given these trends, in addition to market research data, one can say with certainty not only that Cyrebro is doing important work but also that the market is likely to become even more relevant.

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