Curi Bio Raises Series A Funding as Startup Looks to Push Stem Cell Research

By Thomas Price Thursday, March 18, 2021

Technological innovations within the medical world have continued to be at the forefront of many investors’ minds going into 2021. As more and more different startups and businesses begin focusing more heavily on progress in drug treatments, Curi Bio is a stem cell research startup looking to differentiate itself among the mix. The medical startup raised capital in a recent Series A funding round as the business strives to develop new drugs using human stem cells.

3D illustration of embryonic stem cells.

The Curi Bio Platform and Practical Stem Cell Applications

Curi Bio is a drug and medicine startup based in Seattle that is looking to revolutionize the discovery of new, potentially groundbreaking drugs through the use of their human stem cell research platform. The company integrates human stem cells with tissue-specific systems in order to speed up the development process and the pace of medical innovation.

One of the major catalysts for the stem cell research startup in discovering drugs at such a fast rate has been the company’s use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning insight in the phenotypic data. The technology used by the business helps to not only discover new drugs but also model diseases, test safety and toxicity, measure efficacy, and monitor development, among other uses.

The startup business offers these services to other businesses and companies in the medical field as well, through partnerships with several different distributors across dozens of different countries all over the world. The main pieces of tech that are unique to the startup include the Curi Bio NanoSurface Plates that structurally mature cells, the Cytostretcher that offers instruments to stretch cells, and the Mantarray platform, which has allowed for companies and businesses in the industry to gather clinically relevant data earlier than normal.

Curi Bio Funding and Future Plans

In Curi Bio’s Series A funding round, the stem cell research company raised $6 million. The funding round was led by Dynamk Capital and is expected to take on several more investors before closing at the end of Q2 this fiscal year. The stem cell research company looks to take this early funding and use it to expand its business further and accelerate the pace of its own technological growth. In order to help on the business end, the company has taken on a managing partner at Dynamk Capital, Dr. Gustavo Mahler, to the board of directors.

When commenting on the recent funding and plans for new business, CEO of the stem cell research startup, Michael Cho, said, “Curi Bio is thrilled to partner with the distinguished team at Dynamk to fuel our next stage of growth. At Curi, our goal is to provide drug developers with human-relevant cells, systems, and data to accelerate the discovery of new medicines. This funding validates the need for more predictive and mature human stem cell platforms to close the gap between preclinical results and clinical outcomes.”

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