Crypto Art Startup Async Art Lands Seed Funding Valuing Over $2 Million From Investors

By James White Sunday, February 21, 2021

Art has always taken many forms. From music to film to painting and sculpting, art knows no bounds when it comes to the mediums and shapes creativity molds itself into.

Perhaps today’s advances in technology could be viewed as a sort of digital renaissance, and startup businesses like crypto art company Async Art, which combines cryptocurrency concepts with the ambition of artists, drive us into exciting and new creative mediums. Investors are engaged, as the startup business recently announced a successful seed round led by Lemniscap that garnered over $2 million in support of the digital media company.

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"At Async, we believe the future of digital art is programmable," said Conlan Rios, CEO and founder of the startup company. "Art is most impactful when you see yourself in it and programmable art allows collectors and artists to immerse themselves in artistic works like never before."

Programmable Art Business Allows Collectors to Interact with Artist Creations

Most art collectors are typically accustomed to buying a piece of art that is fully produced by the artist. However, the San Francisco crypto art startup business offers a unique opportunity for art lovers.

Powered by Ethereum’s cryptocurrency blockchain, the startup company allows artists to design unique artwork that can be broken down into “layers” and “masters.” Masters contain the entire piece of the art designed by the artist: the subject, background, objects, and any other components that comprise the whole piece. Layers contain certain components of the master: one layer may contain the background of the master while another layer consists of a person or object in the scene. Layers also may possess different “states,” which are variants of the items included in the layer.

Together, all the layers of a design make up the master, a dynamic piece that changes depending on which state the layer owners choose to display at any given time. The startup business also allows artists to make dynamic pieces that change over time or even with the weather. Collectors may bid on both masters and layers listed in the Async Art gallery.

Async Art and The Crypto Art Industry

Async Art’s business attaches art to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which use the ERC-721 Token Standard, a method of identifying unique rarities on the Ethereum blockchain while simultaneously proving rarity. According to, a crypto art analytics company, token-based art sales like those of Async Art’s business reached $8.2 million in December 2020. The analytics company also claims that total crypto art value exceeds $105 million, based on current ether (ETH) prices (just under $1,910 per ETH). Async Art’s company stands on the precipice of a unique and evolving industry.

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