Cosmovision Global and Their Ambitious Plans for the Future

By Thomas Price Thursday, November 26, 2020

Space is becoming an increasingly crowded industry, especially in the last few years, where it has opened up not just to government programs but also commercial ones. Leading that field with a wide game would certainly be SpaceX; however, more and more names are looking to take a piece of the pie while the possibilities are still wide open. Slightly more niche than SpaceX would be Virgin Galactic, and even more so would be Cosmovision Global Corporation. The company is based in Australia and has major plans and projects on the horizon, though perhaps difficult ones to achieve. So, what exactly does Cosmovision Global Corporation have in its eyeline, and can they make money off of it?

Satellite Launches in Australia

Perhaps the most detailed of their plans is the Zenit-1SL Australia Launch. The project aims to have Cosmovision Global provide the launches for small commercial and government satellites. They would be able to take these satellites into orbit at whatever height desired. The project would cost a serious amount of money over the course of many years — $36 million over the next three years, to be exact. It would take six years until the project would break even, with the seventh year being the first the company would be making a profit of about $26 million. In fact, the company could easily make around $120 million over the first ten years of the project. However, in order to properly earn this much money, Cosmovision Global would need to represent over 25% of the currently untapped market for launch services and microsatellites. While ambitious, Cosmovision Global’s plan for this project feels substantiated and backed up by numbers, science, and analytics. This is certainly not the case for two of their other major projects.

Space Food

Cosmovision Global has made bold claims of bringing space food to the world. There are little to no plans behind it besides justifying it through a series of points surrounding space food: balance, nutrition, and non-fattening ingredients. They also highly emphasize the products by claiming their beneficial quality of retained bone density. It is also much lighter than large scale transport of other nutritious foods. The creation of their food products would mainly focus on victims of natural disasters and other situations where they would not have access to significant amounts of food. The space food could be hypothetically delivered to victims in a matter of hours instead of days. Cosmovision Global says they have put time and development into bringing space food to people on Earth; however, there have been no released details so far.

Environmentally Friendly Space Port

Perhaps the most fascinating of Cosmovision Global’s bold projects, of which they want to accomplish, is the environmentally friendly spaceport. Space York will rely on non-toxic green fuels. Another major point in their future endeavors would be launching brand new, all-electric satellites. Cosmovision Global really emphasized that no toxic fuels will be used or even brought to Australia for that matter. In the meantime, the company has also discussed the participation of landowners who are indigenous, which is progressing well.

Cosmovision Global is a very ambitious company with major plans to fill needs in the current space travel industry. However, while they seem to be posting solid numbers for profits, the actual plans they hold lack a significant number of details, which would be reassuring for many different groups watching the company.

Final Conclusions

Cosmovision Global has some rather bold ideas. With their plans to be the platform for launching small commercial and government satellites — the latter being their most solid so far — the company could genuinely make some very big waves if these projects are followed through. Perhaps their most exciting plans would be to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly spaceport. While the details continue to remain hazy, the most exciting part would be, without a doubt creating a sustainable technological advancement in the space industry. If Cosmovision Global is to make good on all of their current projects, without a doubt, the company will be a major player in the future of space industries.

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