CoScreen Launches Collaborative Software With $4.6 Million Seed Round

By James White Saturday, March 27, 2021

Technology supporting remote jobs for businesses and companies has proven to be essential throughout the global pandemic and quarantine. While video conferencing and chat services provided by companies like Zoom and Microsoft have allowed teams to communicate and continue much of their work digitally, it can be tiring and more difficult to collaborate on projects via telecommunication. Startup software company CoScreen recently launched its “deep collaboration” platform backed by a $4.6 million seed round supporting its business.

“Popular workplace tools are designed to simulate in-person communication through video chat and messaging, but they aren’t optimized for remote engineering teams who need to tackle complex tasks together,” said Jason Thomas, co-founder and CTO of the startup business. “We understand firsthand the unique challenges agile teams face, and designed CoScreen to make synchronous, complex teamwork easier through deep collaboration.”

Funding for the software startup company was led by Unusual Ventures. Other investors who supported the business included: John Lilly, former CEO of Mozilla and early Dropbox investor; Jason Warner, CTO at Github; and Anthony Goldbloom, co-founder and CEO of Kaggle.

CoScreen co-founders Max Andaker, Till Pieper, and Jason Thomas.

Enhanced Remote Collaboration for Engineers

CoScreen was founded by Thomas as well as entrepreneurs Till Pieper and Max Andaker. Thomas brings with him years of experience in software engineering, leading projects at companies including startup business Hirevue as well as telehealth company Silvervue. Pieper previously worked as a product manager at Google and general manager at SAP Lab Palo Alto, while Andaker served as Global Digital Innovation Manager at Nestlé for several years. Now, the three entrepreneurs are combining their experiences and skills to address remote work challenges that they struggled with themselves in the past.

The CoScreen platform aims to surpass traditional teleconference software by allowing teams to actually work together in real time, rather than just speak with one another. Targeting engineering teams specifically, the software built by the startup business enables users to jointly work on any application window on the same screen remotely. Tasks such as onboarding new members and code reviews are made simple, as an experienced team member can explain the process while actively demonstrating the skills to multiple team members through an integrated video and audio chat.

CoScreen also supports integrations with other team communication apps like Slack and Zoom. According to the startup company, businesses including Okta, Publicis Sapient, Ripple, and SAP are already using the novel platform in daily workflows. CoScreen offers three pricing options for its collaborative software solution, ranging from a free plan for small teams to an enterprise-level package.

Disrupting Collaboration Software

CoScreen launches at a time where the market for software enabling remote teamwork and communication is booming. Market research projects the global collaboration software market to reach $17.1 billion in 2023. The startup business offers a unique solution that will likely gain traction as remote work continues for many businesses. CoScreen sets itself apart from competitors like Zoom and Microsoft Teams with its real-time, window-editing technology and is poised to take the industry by storm.

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