Coolhaus and Black Girl Ventures Partner to Provide Minority Women Businesses Grants Through Ice Cream Sales

By Thomas Price Wednesday, April 21, 2021

With a larger focus placed on Black-owned and women-owned businesses, new initiatives have been created to help support them. Black Girl Ventures is an investment company that focuses its funding on Black women-owned startups and businesses. The company recently partnered with women-owned ice cream company Coolhaus as a new way to provide business grants to Black- and Brown-owned businesses. The aptly titled “Currency Cake” will serve as the first-ever ice cream flavor that directly supports women of color in business.

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Coolhaus and Black Girl Ventures

Ice cream company Coolhaus is already a unique business among other ice cream brands. Owned by women, Coolhaus offers traditional ice cream flavors alongside other plant-based frozen desserts. The company has placed a major focus on promoting more women and LGBTQ+ leaders in business as well as environmental sustainability. The grant partnership with Black Girl Ventures is no surprise considering the shared values between each company.

The new partnership will be through the new “Currency Cake” flavor created by Coolhaus. This new flavor will be a carrot cake batter flavored ice cream with a cream cheese frosting swirled throughout it and candied pecans mixed in. All of the proceeds of the new ice cream flavor will go directly toward creating a new grant for Black and Brown female business owners. The grant will help support them in fields such as marketing, IP, and new design needs, among several other areas.

Currently, “Currency Cake” is available for online purchase on the Coolhaus website for $12 and is also for sale at select in-person locations throughout the United States (US) and Canada.

Black Girl Ventures will help organize the grant and offer marketing services to the qualifying businesses that win.

Black and Brown Women in Business

One of the main reasons that initiatives like this are receiving more attention is due to the massive disparity between venture capital funding that is currently available. Despite thousands of Black and Brown women-owned startups and small businesses existing all over the US, only 0.27% of Black women ever end up receiving venture capital funding for their small business. Instead, they usually rely on a community of friends and family, grants, and community crowdfunding for support.

The partnership between Coolhaus and Black Girl Ventures will serve as another major grant for the many businesses that are excluded from venture capital support. With marketing support, Black and Brown women in business could not only grow their company, but also receive venture capital funding in the future.

When commenting on the latest partnership, Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case said, “When we have big ideas for brands that can change the game, the next step is finding unique ways to communicate the message. It's so important that Black and Brown female founders have access to the capital and resources to make that possible. We are excited to see the funds from the grant very strategically support those elements of growing a company... which can often be unaffordable. We can't wait to see the amazing work that comes from funding BGV brands in this specific capacity.”

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