What Businesses Should Know About Their Content Marketing Plans During a Global Pandemic

By Adriaan Brits Tuesday, July 14, 2020

COVID-19 has made both small businesses and major companies rethink how they do business. The pandemic has already seen numerous businesses close their doors permanently, and failure may seem imminent as the world battles to curb the spread of the virus.

In many ways, the businesses that can reopen will need to restructure their strategies to remain profitable. Restaurants, hotels, entertainment, travel, transportation, and real estate are some of the hardest-hit industries. Although their restructuring may only be seen in the physical, such as social distancing measures and patron limits, another important aspect to consider is how their content marketing plans will be adjusted as needed.

What Businesses Should Know About Their Content Marketing Plans During a Global Pandemic

Content Marking in the Age of COVID-19

The current market needs and trends are shifting, as buyers have limited disposable income, if any, businesses will see that their content marketing is not quite attracting the leads they expected. An open-minded approach will mean that companies will need to look at the current things that work, and those that aren’t.

Communication Is Key

The stress and negative air surrounding the global pandemic has meant that customers and supporting followers lack optimism to return to regular life. In times of uncertainty, it’s good to keep an open-ended channel of communication. Businesses will need to invest more effort in their email marketing by reaching out to clients and keeping them up to date with the current business situation.

The trick here is that businesses will need to make a positive out of negative and bring life back to a once dismal situation. With over 5 billion active email accounts, this can become a successful channel to pass through.

The significant rise in social media users means that businesses will have the opportunity to engage with a larger audience at once. More stay at home regulations and work from home opportunities create a relaxed environment for followers to see what certain people and businesses are doing. Increased social activity will show that your business is still operating in some capacity.

Get Creative With Your Marketing

In many ways, one can think of a few new creative concepts to sell products or announce discounted rates during this time. Businesses will have to strategize with their marketing team, creating interactive content such as videos or vlogs.

The need for employment will only see a rise in the coming months. With the federal government looking for solutions to quickly get the US economy on track again, it’s important to keep every person well-informed. Informative newsletters or blog posts can become a great way to revitalize your content marketing.

Businesses will need to find creative ways to talk about certain implementations and regulations that they’re taking to keep staff and customers safe. With this, blogs have always been used as a great selling point for new products and services. Ignoring old methods of marketing new products will mean that you offer customers better descriptions and offer enough information.

How to Move Forward

With businesses and companies making budget cuts in many departments to ensure survival, a critical component that will safeguard your business's longevity after COVID-19 is how senior management uses its marketing content strategies. Redrafting your initial plans will enable you to adapt to a market that’s currently filled with anger, fear, and anxiety — but will hopefully mean that your business survives the looming economic crisis.

Building and maintaining a brand through the pandemic will reflect on the trustworthiness of your business in the long run. Businesses adapting their content marketing strategy will become a reliable presence in their industry. It's not always a given that these adaptations will work in the beginning, but anything different and new will surely see a growth in popularity during these times.

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