CloudNatix Raises Seed Funding for Startup and Its Developing Business Cloud Infrastructure

By Thomas Price Monday, February 1, 2021

With the rate of information and data growing so rapidly, public cloud services have become one of the most important resources for businesses and companies to manage and optimize their own business data. However, cloud infrastructure and platforms can oftentimes be complex and costly without proving to be as effective for companies as desired. Tech startup CloudNatix is developing a cloud infrastructure built specifically to streamline data and lower overall costs for the businesses that use it. This effort has served the company well in its latest funding round, where investors showed interest in the business’s incredible potential.

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CloudNatix’s Infrastructure and Effectiveness

CloudNatix is a tech startup that has developed a cloud infrastructure designed specifically for businesses. Founded in 2019 by current CEO Rohit Seth, the startup’s software is built to work with on-premises cloud and cloud infrastructure to create a more efficient system that also eliminates several unnecessary costs for businesses.

The software the startup created works by allowing legacy and cloud-native workloads to be run together. From there, CloudNatix can reduce business costs and increase efficiency by lowering the complexity of the data through automation, therefore, increasing the resiliency of the infrastructure to process these workloads. What makes the software so unique compared to other competitors is that the startup’s product can be used with all major cloud providers and on-premises networks, making CloudNatix far more accessible for a much wider group of companies and their business needs.

The startup creates a product that is extremely effective at what the business does as well. In fact, the companies that use CloudNatix can reduce their cloud infrastructure spending by up to 50%. This reduction in costs should make the startup extremely popular amongst different businesses, and investors have in turn begun putting money into CloudNatix.

CloudNatix’s Funding and Future Plans

In CloudNatix’s seed funding round, the startup raised a strong $4.5 million. The funding round was led by DNX Ventures with participation from Cota Capital, Incubate Fund, Vela Partners, and 468 Capital. This seed funding will help the startup begin to start expanding, mostly through hiring. In fact, CloudNatix plans on building a larger team for engineering and software development, sales, and customer support to prepare for the coming demand from companies planning on using their technology.

When commenting on the latest funding and the technology in general, CEO Rohit Seth said, “CloudNatix's seamless multi-cloud auto-pilot infrastructure platform lets customers run any of their workloads efficiently in any cloud environment without getting bogged down by the complexity of each environment. With the invention of containers, I saw a huge potential for improving data center infrastructure efficiency at Google. Now at CloudNatix, we are on the path to transform sub-optimal infrastructure operations by enabling enterprise customers to focus on their top-line growth.”

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