How Cloud Solutions Lead to Green Business Growth

By Mariliana Fotopoulou Thursday, August 20, 2020

Solo entrepreneurs, startups, and multinationals all strive for a common vision of sustainable and green economic growth. Thankfully, there are businesses that provide IT services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They are crucial in creating smooth market operations that pave the way for continuous, green development and sustainable growth.

With the rise of smart technology, internet technology, and digital markets, there is an unprecedented increase in the number of people who deal with IT every day. Such a trend makes it tough for business owners not to adopt technology for operational activities and growth.

The cloud computing industry alone is set to hit about $350 billion by 2022 — a considerable increase from 2020, Gartner reports. Moreover, not only is it an increase in the adoption of technology by consumers but also the world economic impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, pressuring companies to adopt new digital technology to lead their business growth towards success.

Technology is obliged to play a key role in the global post-pandemic economic activities. The latest cloud technological advancements are expanding the value of cloud-based solutions, which can benefit the green businesses.

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Expanding any green business needs spending on various fronts such as marketing, research, sales, etc. Especially because day-to-day activities often hold a fixed price, it may be difficult to seek to save money on expenditures. Cloud services provide green businesses with more economical ways when there are specific task costs and capital costs. Instead of needing to buy high-end equipment that can boost their environmental impact, a small company can easily use a cloud-based service to get a fraction of the cost to the same result.

Likewise, cloud services provide more specific options at a significantly reduced rate instead of buying a whole ecommerce site that won't be used entirely in a small-scale business. Customized cloud solutions deliver substantially greater value per each dollar invested.


The concern with having a physical or technology solution for a green business is that when the company has to grow sustainably, it is difficult to handle the solution. When the company leans out, the system becomes unnecessary, and the resource is limited in the case of growth.

Cloud solutions are customized and suit perfectly for every event. They are simple and convenient to set up, depending on the complexity of the needs. Price levels vary with the type of service required, meaning that customers only have to pay for what they want.


Most green businesses will either focus on an in-house IT professional or employ a third-party IT solutions vendor, including security. In-house IT workers can be costly over time, and in many situations, the hired employee is not generally an expert in security. Luckily, the elements of data security and safety are already being taken care of through cloud storage and cloud apps. 

Cloud services put safety first, as a security breach may cost them their entire company. Offering the amount of protection cloud solutions is much better than any green company might implement on its own.


Because of our present physical conditions under quarantine and its cultural, economic, and practical advantages, Remote working and interactive market environments are gaining prominence. Cloud systems are a great match for remote-working organizations and those who want to streamline their workflow. 

Cloud data is open to every employee of the company, from anywhere in the world. This opens up other doors for businesses and allows them to grow more effectively and sustainably. Getting the exposure standard will also play a significant role in enhancing team coordination.


The days had gone by when automation was a high-end business fact that was used only by large manufacturing companies and millions of dollar enterprises. Only small duties such as social media sharing, emailing, alerts, and reminders can be automated, and intra-company works via cloud services.

These are all minor aspects that have significant impact on the performance of the green business. Having clear communication with employees and clients is key; it has major advantages that expand across the industry as this is automated. Everyone gets benefits from the staff, vendors, consumers, and owners.


Data theft, fraud, harm, or inaccessibility caused by a shutdown are only a couple of the issues that can occur. Economic and environmental tragedies are always a threat, but cloud solutions prevent businesses from all these through disaster recovery features.

The last thing every company wants is a serious data loss which can not be restored. This can reset the business to square one and may mean a shutdown and bankruptcy. Although the recovery of disasters and file backups may not be the main benefit that a company intends for in the cloud solution, it is a handy feature to use only in case.


By using cloud solutions, green businesses will achieve a substantial advantage over their competitors. Not only can the right cloud provider help green enterprises to grow and performed to increase, but it could also reduce their overall environmental impact by facilitating scalability, security, ease of access, automation, and recovery tools that don't cost a penny; or, in other words, save green businesses greener over the longer term.

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