Audio Technology Startup Chaos Audio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Smart Guitar Pedal

By James White | Saturday, 05 June 2021 | Startup, Tech

Effects pedals open a whole world of acoustic opportunities for musicians. Whether artists are looking for more distortion or a wah-wah effect, pedals allow musicians to expand their arsenal of creative tools when crafting new songs. Audio technology startup company Chaos Audio recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its smart effects pedal, Stratus, which can be programmed with a number of diverse music effects using a mobile app.

A musician using a foot pedal.

The startup business previously postponed a campaign for its multi-effects pedal last year to continue working on the design and app platform that powers the device. Now, the startup is back and seeking support from crowdfunding investors in a new campaign.

"Stratus retains the features that made it exciting in the first place," said Landon McCoy, CEO and founder of the audio technology startup business. "The looper, tuner, intuitive smartphone UI, and device customizability are all intact and we've made noticeable updates to the pedal's design."

Chaos Audio hoped to raise $10,000 for its company to finalize its product’s design and bring it to market, but investors made short work of the goal. In just under three hours after launching the project, supporters of the startup fully funded the campaign. So far, more than 120 investors have backed Chaos Audio, raising over $22,000 in support of the smart pedal and effects app. The business expects to begin shipping its pedals (which are expected to retail around $300) to investors in December.

An Electric Guitar Multi-Tool

McCoy, an electrical engineering student studying at Florida State University, founded Chaos Audio in 2019. With a team of dedicated college students, the company aims to provide practicing and experienced musicians with an affordable and adaptable effects pedal.

The device developed by the business sports a number of features that are powered by a mobile app platform for ease of use. Chaos Audio managed to wrap a guitar tuning app, looper, and effects platform all within the compact pedal. An LED light strip at the top of the device indicates when the selected chord is in tune, though the business gives users the option to use a digital tuner within the Chaos Audio app as well.

The audio technology startup designed its smart pedal to pull a variety of effects from an online app platform. Currently, the company offers 15 effects including classics like wah, fuzz, and flanger but plans to continue to expand its collection in the future. The Stratus can chain up to five effects at a time in any given order, allowing users to create new and interesting combinations.

Breaking Into the Audio Technology Industry

Chaos Audio is making its way into a growing market with the Stratus. The global music production equipment market is projected to reach $9.8 billion by 2027. New musicians will likely find the device offered by the audio technology business to be a simple and affordable way to experiment with new effects without spending more on single effect units. Chaos Audio will likely have to compete with other names like Electro-Harmonix and Ibanez.

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