Chandler Innovations and Skynetwest See Success Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

By Thomas Price Monday, January 25, 2021

While many companies have faced significant struggles due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are still silver linings and success stories to report for many. For companies adopting more tech-based solutions, their paths to success has been even smoother. This has proven true for at least two businesses: Chandler Innovations and one of its clients, Skynetwest. Both companies have seen continued success in their business despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, and Skynetwest in particular has seen strong growth.

Chandler Innovations

Chandler Innovations is the city of Chandler, Arizona’s business incubation and entrepreneurial program. The program has been a rather strong success as many different companies have spawned from it to solid results.

Chandler Innovations works mostly with startups in the Chandler area and offers them a variety of tools including, but not limited to, product development, intellectual property management, sales and marketing strategy, organizational structure, operating procedures, and scaling and growth. The program has resulted in many different companies, including Active Solutions, Balance, Kitestrings, Empire Builder, JobDocs, and Skynetwest.


Chandler-based company Skynetwest saw significant advancement in 2020 going into 2021 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The company itself specializes in utilizing technology in order to better inspect and collect data as well as provide solutions for electrical utility assets. More specifically, the company specializes in working with electrical substations, transmission towers and lines, distribution poles and lines, and vegetation management. By using technology to reduce risk and provide better information, this business has seen success over the past year and has begun to expand.

In fact, in just the last three months, Skynetwest has made notable investments into new materials and equipment, hired a new staffer, and contracted two new vendors. These actions have all been taken in order to handle the major influx of new clients requesting services from the company.

When asked about this growth, Skynetwest’s president Noah Ruiz said, “Thanks to the work we've done as an organization and the support of programs like Chandler Innovations, Skynetwest is starting to see greater forward momentum. I have the tools and resources I need to handle my company's growth, which is critical to continued success.”

Final Conclusions

Chandler Innovations has proven itself to be an asset not only to the many businesses it helps but to the city of Chandler as a whole. Skynetwest’s continued success and growth during the COVID-19 pandemic serves as further proof of this phenomenon. In combination with the company’s tech-based approach to data collection for electrical utility assets, Skynetwest’s embrace of new technologies and the resources provided by Chandler Innovations has given them a leg up in the industry even as the economy runs sour.

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