Cased Raises $2.25 Million to Help Developers Working With Live Applications

By Jemima McEvoy Sunday, May 9, 2021

There are some typical roadblocks developers run into in live production environments. However, in today’s landscape (unless they work at big companies that pour millions to invest in the developer experience), many are left without the tools they need to overcome common issues. That’s where Cased has seen an opportunity: democratizing the tools developers need while working with live applications. The San Francisco-based startup wants all companies to have access to the same roster of aid and has raised $2.25 million in a seed round toward this mission.

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What Is Cased?

The California tech company was founded last year by entrepreneurs Bryan Byrne, Ben Bleikamp, Garrett Bjerkhoel, and Ted Nyman. The four learned about the developer experience while leading teams at Facebook and GitHub. They also worked at other big-name companies like Yelp and Simple. Among the most well-funded tech companies in the world, the founders saw how giving the right tools to developers can improve the velocity of work at a company. The problem? “Nobody releases their best internal developer tools to the world,” Byrne, who now serves as CEO of the business, explained in a recent Cased blog post.

“Great developer experience is critical to building a great engineering organization — and it shouldn’t cost millions of dollars in developer time to do it well,” he wrote of the company. “Open access to tools and systems is possible with Cased.” Though only a year old, the startup has already built some connections. According to the company website, the tools built by the startup are being used by fast-growing companies, including Rewatch, Wrapbook, and Scriptdrop.

Money & Investors

The money raised in the seed round closed this month represents the total amount of money the startup has raised to date, according to investment tracking platform Crunchbase. The $2.25 million burst of funding is also notable because of the numerous prominent investors that injected capital into the company, a positive sign of confidence in the future of Cased.

The investment round in the business was led by Founders Fund, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm that had more than $6 million in aggregate capital under management as of 2020. Also investing in the business were Jason Warner, the CTO of GitHub; Cipora Herman, the CFO of the 2028 Olympics and former VP of finance at Facebook; Vlado Herman, the former CFO at Yelp and GitHub; and Paul St. John, the former SVP of worldwide sales at GitHub.

The Future of the Company

Cased is only a year old and still in its early stages. After working for months with design partners and early customers, the startup opened its website to the general public earlier this week. The focus now will be on using this money to grow the business. Since the technology created by the business is now open to the public, the startup will continue to grow its customer base and invest in its product. The startup also plans to focus on hiring as Cased currently has five employees, including the four founders.

“Developer-friendly access, visibility, and logging becomes the new default,” Byrne wrote in a post celebrating the funding round. “Innovative companies are using Cased every day to move faster and ship their products to their customers with confidence.”

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