Carbyne Raises $25 Million for Platform to Improve Emergency Responses

By McKenzie Carpenter Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and everything. Many people and industries have been forced to adapt to the digital age. A company like Carbyne — which already provides a digital platform — has now been able to capitalize on the value that technology has in our everyday lives. As a result of the critical industry the business is in, the startup has been able to expand its reach based on its recent funding round of $25 million.

Smartphone showing a red 911 emergency call screen.

What Does Carbyne Do?

Carbyne is an Israeli startup that focuses on building cloud-based technology with the goal of helping emergency services and citizens communicate more clearly and effectively. The company aims to streamline communications to “save more lives” by “redefining emergency collaboration.”

According to the startup’s website, 400 million people are covered through its services worldwide, in 70 different governments. This reach translates to the company amassing 155 million location sessions per year, as the business is the largest caller location provider. In the United States (US), the company is primarily utilized in states like New York and California — two of the most populous states in the country — with one of its business locations in New York City.

Since the startup is private, there is no information available regarding the company’s value. However, the emergency service industry is crucial for the success of local and state governments. Therefore, the business plays a vital role in helping everyday citizens receive the emergency care they need.

Big names like Google, Cisco, Central Square, Global Medical Response, and more are current partners of the startup. The company has been able to create partnerships with large companies by emphasizing that streamlining communications in emergency situations is imperative. The company has also done several rounds of funding, with the most recent round being its largest one yet.

$25 Million in Funding Leads to Platform Improvements

Contrary to Carbyne’s business plans, the startup raised $25 million in its Series B1 round of funding — the startup’s largest to date. CEO Amir Elichai said revenues grew 160% across three quarters, which led to smoothly attaining the funding. To date, the company has raised roughly $52.4 million, with a number of different investors. Since March 2020, the business has been rolling out new platform features every ten days.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only expedited the process for the startup. Elichai said, “Carbyne was not founded last year: We were already pushing cloud services and video and location to 911 for quite a while and had served 250 million people before the pandemic.” He added, “But cloud solutions for emergency services went from nice-to-have to must-have with COVID.”

While COVID-19 symptoms vary between people, those who have experienced severe symptoms may rely on emergency services. Additionally, communicating quicker and clearer with emergency response teams is vital to survival, and with this new round of funding, the company will continue to improve the platform’s infrastructure. Furthermore, the business is on track to cover 90% of the market in the US alone.

Final Conclusions

In the handful of years since the startup business’s inception, Carbyne has been able to identify a market that needs improvements while also finding a way to help those in need. The latest round of financing holds more importance for the business than before. The COVID-19 pandemic has made emergency services even more critical, and Carbyne is contributing to the success of those services around the world.

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