Carbon Capture Gains Momentum as Governments and Companies Begin to Make Major Investments

By Thomas Price Tuesday, March 9, 2021

As efforts to create a more environmentally friendly future begin to make serious progress, one of the most exciting paths to reduced net emissions is through carbon capture technology. Carbon capture technology has become a major new force in fighting against climate change, and both national governments and large private companies are beginning to see its business and environmental benefits. This has led to an extensive investment in carbon capture companies over the past several months, with businesses and governments each finding ways to invest.

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Carbon Capture Investment From Governments

One of the largest aspects needed for carbon capture technology to make a tangible difference in overall emissions is wide-scale adoption. That looks to be trending positively as both the United States (US) and Abu Dhabi governments are looking to put significant financial investments into the technology. In fact, the US Energy Department has committed $24 million toward investment into research and development, or R&D, of new carbon capture technology to help reach the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

As for Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) committed to a 25% reduction in carbon intensity over the next decade. The city’s largest oil companies are looking to partner with carbon capture businesses in order to help achieve this goal. In fact, after the latest partnership between the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and carbon capture company Total, the goals for carbon capture in the nation seem to be on a rising trend. The program looks to increase capacity for carbon capture up to 5 million tons every year by 2030.

Many companies outside of governments have also begun making a significant financial investment in carbon capture businesses as well, with names like United Airlines and Microsoft highlighting the bunch.

Carbon Capture Investment From Companies

Microsoft has set incredible lofty goals for themselves as the tech company plans to be net-negative in emissions by 2030 and remove the company’s historic emissions by 2050. In order to do so, Microsoft has enlisted the help of carbon capture company Climeworks, who, in conjunction with rising carbon capture business Carbfix, will be removing thousands of tons of carbon from the air permanently.

On top of Microsoft’s direct contract with Climeworks to remove 1,400 tons of carbon from the air, the tech company has also funded the creation of a fully renewable, commercial-scale carbon capture and mineralization plant from the business.

Carbfix and Climeworks have already teamed up to create a new plant in Iceland that will be capable of removing 4,000 tons of carbon from the air each year.

United Airlines has also made similar plans, enlisting the help of carbon capture business 1PointFive to build a plant capable of removing 1 million tons of carbon from the air each year.

Carbon capture companies are providing a roadmap for many businesses to reach their net-zero emissions goals and will likely continue to grow rapidly as more companies and governments look to do the same.

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