Bruvi Raises $7 Million for Its Single-Serve Coffee Maker With Eco-Friendly Coffee Pods

By Thomas Price Friday, September 24, 2021

Bruvi is a beverage tech startup that has created an eco-friendly coffee maker. The company has recently closed its pre-Series A funding round to help expand business and prepare for open sales to the public.

Bruvi's single serve coffee system.

What Makes Bruvi Unique and Environmental Sustainability

Beverage tech startup Bruvi has designed and built a coffee maker that creates a single cup of coffee at a time for convenience. The coffee maker is unique from other, similar offerings on the market due to its integrated technology and environmentally sustainable pods. 

The beverage tech startup built the eco-friendly coffee maker to be WiFi-enabled, allowing it to connect directly with the Bruvi app. This allows for users to brew coffee from the product remotely with the app alerting them when the cup is ready to drink. The company app also logs each flavor of pod being used for future reference and allows users to purchase new pods for delivery. 

The coffee maker startup also ensures a massive reduction in waste in comparison to other pod-based coffee makers. The Bruvi B-Pod has a biodegradable outer casing that allows users to dispose of the pod immediately without creating plastic waste. The company has also designed the B-Pods to have 40% more ground coffee per pod than competitor pods. 

Bruvi has made business partnerships with international coffee growers to create a wide variety of options for its users. The coffee growers the beverage startup partners up with are committed to environmentally sustainable business practices. In addition to coffee, the company also sells B-Pods with tea flavors. Additionally, the company has created B-Pods that directly brew into a cappuccino or latte. 

The technological capabilities of the coffee maker and environmentally sustainable pods have interested several different investors who project growth as more consumers look for high-quality, eco-friendly appliances. 

Bruvi Funding Round and Next Steps

In its pre-Series A funding round, Bruvi raised $7 million in capital. The funding round was participated in by The Merchant Club, Terpsi Capital, 9Yards Capital, Cambridge Companies SPG, Miroma Ventures, and M1. The startup has now raised a total of $10.8 million in funding.

The company plans to use the new funding to support its manufacturing process and brewer inventory. The coffee maker startup will also be working on advancing its business through digital advertising. The newly raised capital will also help launch its business with pre-orders in November of this year with a national distribution campaign beginning in Q1 of 2022. 

Bruvi will be entering a quickly growing single-serve, coffee market. The global single-serve coffee market is currently worth about $7 billion with the market growing by 10% every year. The business will be competing against companies like Keurig and Nespresso, which each have single-serve coffee makers. However, Bruvi’s eco-friendly product gives it a competitive advantage. 

When commenting on the latest funding round, Bruvi co-founder Mel Elias said, “We were very quickly over-subscribed for this round by high caliber family offices and venture funds, which validates the strength of the category and the breakthrough features. Bruvi is going to set a new standard in taste and quality for single-serve coffee.”

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