BRINC Announces $25 Million in Funding for First-Responder Drone Fleet

By Thomas Price Tuesday, October 12, 2021

BRINC is a new tech startup that has created a growing fleet of highly durable drones that can serve as the first responders to certain emergencies for the police and fire departments. The company recently closed its Series A funding round to help improve the current first-responder drones and grow its business.

Firefighter using a drone.

What Makes BRINC Unique and Growing Success

Tech startup BRINC has developed a new type of drone designed specifically to work with law enforcement, hazmat groups, fire departments, and search and rescue teams. The company has named this drone the LEMUR S and has equipped it with several useful features.

Each LEMUR S is built with two-way audio to help users better hear the sounds within the drone’s location as well as broadcast important messages to people in the same area. Additionally, the company has designed the drone with LIDAR pilot-assistance technology, infrared (IR) night vision, and 10 hours of perch time for extended outings. The LEMUR S is also capable of breaking glass in emergency situations. 

The tech startup designed the LEMUR S to help prevent injuries and danger for first-responders by allowing them to assess a situation from afar without going in personally. The drones can also help by gaining better vantage points and exploring areas too small for a regular person to get to. 

In addition to the LEMUR S, the tech startup has expanded its business to other products such as the BRINC Ball. The BRINC Ball is a new de-escalation tool for law enforcement that allows them to communicate in high-tension situations without being present in the room through a two-way speaker. The company designed the product with a shock-absorbing resin to prevent damage and large enough to ensure it isn’t disposed of easily. 

The company has rapidly seen its business grow since putting its products up for sale in early 2021. In fact, the tech startup now has over 50 engineers, public safety specialists, and technicians on its staff. 

BRINC Funding Round and Plans for the Future

In its Series A funding round, BRINC raised $25 million in total capital. The funding round was led by Index Ventures with participation from Tusk Venture Partners, Next Play Ventures. Several individual investors such as Sam Altman, Dylan Field, Elad Gil, Patrick Spence, Alex Wang, and Patrick Shanahan also took part in the funding.

The newly raised capital will help the company to expand its current business by hiring more employees and investing in more research and development for the current LEMUR S. The tech startup will also work on creating business partnerships with different first-responder groups in cities around the United States (US). 

When commenting on the new funding round, founder and CEO of BRINC Bl\ake Resnick said, “After watching the response to the Oct. 1 mass shooting, I felt a real call to serve and create something that would have a material impact and keep people safe. In the six months since we started selling, our team has seen overwhelming demand and this new funding will help us accelerate hiring to scale and support rapid growth. The federal government has largely banned the use of Chinese technologies, like DJI, creating more opportunity for American companies. We want to make BRINC drones a standard tool for all US first responders at the city, state, and federal level.”

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