Brightstar Capital Partners Closes Fund II at $1.27 Billion as Company Looks to Add to Portfolio

By Thomas Price Thursday, April 15, 2021

With private equity firms looking for more small businesses to partner with and build upon, the need for large funds in order to do so has grown. Brightstar Capital Partners is a private equity company that recently closed on its second fund to partner with and invest in small to mid-sized businesses that have strong potential for future growth. The newest fund is the biggest to date for the investment company and will allow Brightstar Capital Partners to continue to invest under its investing philosophy.

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Brightstar Capital Partners and Its Investing Philosophy

Private equity company Brightstar Capital Partners recently closed on its second major fund, aptly titled Fund II. The newest fund is worth a whopping $1.27 billion. The company raised this new fund from a variety of sources, including corporate and government-sponsored pension funds, insurance companies, foundations, family offices, wealth funds, and endowments, among other institutional investors. The investment company has now raised a total of $2.3 billion since its founding.

Brightstar Capital Partners plans to use this money to invest in and partner with small and mid-sized businesses that fit several different criteria. More specifically, the company identifies businesses that are closely held and family-owned through its vast network of connections.

From there, Brightstar Capital Partners places a series of concentrated investments into the businesses while it establishes an operational partnership. Over the course of each investment, the company looks to provide anywhere between $50 million to $250 million to the businesses brought into its portfolio.

The company then leverages its extensive network of experts and business connections in order to spur growth, build on ongoing success, and drive certain proprietary innovations. Brightstar Capital Partners takes an incredibly hands-on approach with businesses in its portfolio, leading to strong success both for the investment company as well as the many other businesses.

Success From Brightstar Capital Partners

Brightstar Capital Partners has completed 22 transactions since its founding leading to a portfolio that employs over 11,000 people. This portfolio now generates an aggregate annual revenue of over $6 billion. The portfolio has a diverse group of businesses, including infrastructure maintenance company Amerit Fleet Solutions, health and wellness product manufacturer Capstone Nutrition, and water well operator Texas Water Supply.

The success of the company portfolio has allowed Brightstar Capital Partners to expand its own operations as well. In fact, the private equity firm has doubled its number of offices with new locations across the United States (US). Brightstar also added 12 new members to its staff.

When commenting on the newest fund closing, CEO and Managing Partner for Brightstar Capital Partners, Andrew Weinberg, said, “It has been an extraordinary time in so many ways and we are truly grateful for the support we received from new and existing investors during a period of tremendous uncertainty. We will continue to focus on our 'Us and Us' model of investing, proprietarily sourcing opportunities with families, founders, entrepreneurs and management teams, ensuring that our principles align and rolling up our sleeves to add value.

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