Breeze Airways Set for Takeoff at the End of May as Startup Sets Flights for Underserved Cities

By Thomas Price Friday, May 21, 2021

With travel restrictions across the United States (US) and certain countries around the world finally easing, many consumers are looking to see loved ones and explore new cities once again. However, smaller cities are often ignored by larger airlines, forcing layovers or even flights into different locations before finally arriving at one’s final destination. Breeze Airways is a startup looking to solve this problem by offering flights to cities that do not get attention from larger airlines. The company recently announced plans to launch its services in the coming weeks.

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What Makes Breeze Airways Different

Travel startup Breeze Airways sets itself apart from many of the larger, more established airline companies by offering flights to neglected cities across the US. Instead of trying to compete for business with the big brands, the company instead has flights to cities where there is little to no competition at all.

Founded by David Neeleman, the creator of WestJet, Azul, and JetBlue, the business was able to acquire 13 Embraer jets at a discount price from Azul. The company has orders for 60 Airbus A220 jets, which will be fulfilled through one additional plane added to the fleet each month.

With the lower costs of running a smaller business operation, the company can offer consumers lower prices on nearly all flights, saving customers an average of 20% to 25% in comparison to purchasing flights through major airlines.

The airline company primarily looks to hire college students as flight attendants, which also helps lower prices, with most students graduating before reaching the higher wages that union workers traditionally earn. Furthermore, Breeze Airways saves customers money since the services offered by the startup have no layovers, which potentially results in decreased fuel costs.

By offering direct flights (without layovers) between smaller cities, Breeze Airways additionally offers a reduced overall travel time to reach one’s destination.

In a recent statement, the company announced that it had initiated plans to launch by the end of the month after the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down further.

Breeze Airways Launch Details and Prior Funding

The travel startup will begin its business with the public in three different US cities. These cities are Charleston, South Carolina; Tampa, Florida; and Hartford, Connecticut. The company plans to expand business to San Antonio, Texas, and Providence, Rhode Island by the end of July. In the long-term, Breeze Airways’s goal is to offer flights between 16 different US cities.

Prior to these plans to launch, the travel startup raised over $100 million in funding, with the most recent funding round totaling $83 million in a Series A in October of last year. The funding round was led by Peterson Partners with participation from Sandlot Partners.

When commenting about Breeze Airways and business plans for the travel startup, CEO and founder David Neeleman said, “It’s hard to believe it was two decades ago that we launched JetBlue. I’m personally so excited now to introduce Breeze, especially with the support of great financial partners, like Peterson Partners, Sandlot, and all of our investors. We believe that Breeze can make travel simple, affordable and convenient for millions and millions of customers.”

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