Bottle+ Passes Its Initial Funding Goal for Portable Sparkling Water Maker

By Thomas Price | Wednesday, 25 August 2021 | Startup, Tech

For sparkling water lovers, buying plastic bottles of the beverage can be expensive and have environmental consequences. Bottle+ is a tech startup that has created a reusable, portable water bottle that can create sparkling water with the push of a button. The company recently surpassed its crowdfunding campaign goal.

Bottle Plus sparkling water maker.

How Bottle+ Works and Benefits of Product

Tech startup Bottle+ is making sparkling water more accessible and affordable by allowing users to transform still water inside the reusable water bottle into carbonated water. The company has integrated a CO2 diffuser directly at the bottom of the bottle that can be activated by pressing a button. Users can add as much or as little carbonization as they want, depending on how long they press the button. 

The business designed Bottle+ to store enough CO2 to create up to 15 bottles of sparkling water at a time. From there, the company has created an easy-to-use refilling station that uses standard CO2 cylinders for convenient replacement over time. The tech startup wants Bottle+ to eventually replace all single-use plastic bottles of sparkling water currently on the market. 

The product looks to increase its users by highlighting two major features: the environmental benefits and the long-term affordability. The environmental sustainability of the tech startup is a large selling point with the Bottle+ as it would replace the need to purchase plastic sparkling water bottles. Additionally, the company has made a business partnership with Cleanhub to collect and recycle 1kg of plastic for every single Bottle+ that is sold.

The product is also a cheaper alternative to buying a bottle of sparkling water. Once the initial cost of the Bottle+ is covered, using the product costs up to 10x less to operate than buying a regular bottle of sparkling water. 

Bottle+ Business Funding and Next Steps

In its crowdfunding campaign to date, Bottle+ has raised over $41,000 in capital. The company raised this total funding amount from 223 individual supporters. The tech startup launched its campaign yesterday with an initial goal of just under $30,000. Bottle+ has already well-surpassed its first business milestone and did so in less than 24 hours.

The company plans to use this new funding to continue development on its working prototype and finalize the design for mass production. The tech startup hopes to stick to its business timeline and have production set up before the end of 2021 and start shipments of the Bottle+ by mid-2022. 

In the latest update from the business, following surpassing its initial crowdfunding goal, the Bottle+ team wrote, “In less than 7 hours we have crossed the funding goal! Thank you so much for supporting our dream of enabling people to create sparkling water anytime and anywhere - without single-use plastics! We are absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed by the amount of love we have received from around the world in the last few hours. It's incredible. Thanks again! Now let's continue to spread the word about our always perfectly fresh fizzy water!”

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